Handi Mandi TV – DIY Jewellery: Cotton Twill & Hex Nuts (How-To & Time Lapse)

Summer DIY jewellery has such a fresh look to it, and you appreciate it that much more because it was made with your own two hands. Get ready for back-to-school beautiful fashion jewellery. This week we’re braiding a bracelet with hex nuts. Zinc is pretty standard, I have get to find any ‘gold’ looking ones yet, but you could always paint them with nail polish to add some colour if you so choose.

If you like what you see or you have suggestions for what you would like to see next, please feel free to leaver you comments or requests below. I would love to hear from you all.

DIY / How to Make a Zipper Wrap Bracelet
Pinterest Inspiration Source

Handi Mandi TV – Books, Magazines and Video Resources

The next ‘episode’ of youtube’s HandiMandiTV brings you the books, magazines and video resources I use for all my projects. Thank you for watching and if you have any requests please feel free to sign off in the comments.

Here’s the link to TheBrainchildExhibition for the recommended reading page with a majority of the books as seen in the videos:

Tips For Starting A Youtube Channel . . .

This video is of course not my own, but it’s very light-hearted, funny and inspirational in that I feel like starting a channel of my own. Though my first concept was to start about my critiques of tv shows and episodes as I watch them, that’s not what I want to get exposed for. I have to thank my mom for pointing that out to me and giving me that outside perspective, because now I feel like doing a How To youtube channel on fashion illustrations, drawing, colouring, etc and expand from there. If I have time I could start another channel for the random stuff I might want to talk about, but I could just do videos on my personal account and post them here on Cosmosaic instead, since this site has a lot of random stuff already.

So . . . without further ado, meet Beauty Crush (left) and Ugly Face of Beauty (right) from youtube on how to start your own channel and get exposed:

Shipping Container Homes – Affordable and Eco-Friendly

I don’t know if it was by fluke, but I found this video in the top three on YouTube for what was trending in Canada:

I checked out a couple more videos and thought: Wow, what if you could get another shipping container donated for charity and build someone a home? Like a shelter for the homeless, women’s or teen shelter, someone who lost their home to a disaster in the area. You wouldn’t believe what people will throw out, there’s no reason a simple one 40′ standard cargo container couldn’t be retro-fitted to become someone’s temporary or permanent living arrangements.

So before I begin, here’s one of the other videos I watched that contains factual data on the uses, structural integrity, building codes, etc for turning shipping containers into a place of residence:

After a couple of searches I found these inspiration designs which seems to be trending for architectural designers and design competitions:


Now if this project were to work, without relying on trying to find an architect that would design an elaborate concept, such as the ones above, it would need to concentrate one individual shipping container. So next I perused through plans and blueprints that could be found through Google image search, just to get an idea of where they were orientating the required functional items, like the bathroom, the kitchen, the bed, etc:

Now this would work, although I was hoping to get a donated standard 40′ cargo container, but in the event that one that large couldn’t be found or another kind of container such as a gently used trailer or a train car had to be used instead, at least it gives you a sense of proportions and compact essentials.

This one is a double, with a total 40′ but essentially two 20′ long shipping containers and/trailer put together to provide enough room for a small family.

If you’re interested in taking on a project like this for yourself, be sure to read this article on eHow about what you’ll need to be able to start and comply with city building codes.