Handi Mandi TV – Functional Fashion: Preparing For Winter (Cyclists) + BONUS

I bike to and from work 90-97% of the year, so get ready with me. I’ll let you know what gear will work best and you can see how I water proof my gear for winter.
If you have any requests, comments, feedback, etc, please feel free to sound off in the comments below.

BONUS: Puppy Power – Christmas Fashion

Hi, my name is Brown Sugar, Sugar for short. If you would like to see more videos of me, please leave your requests in the comments below. Look forward to hearing from you, my darlings.

Handi Mandi TV – Make-Up Look – Minimal Classic

I’m continuing the focus on Make-Up/Beauty trends that transition from Spring/Summer to Fall/Winter. This look is for a subtle eye if you want to do the purple, brown, burgundy, red lip forecasted for this upcoming fall or any dramatically coloured lip. It’s a double eyeliner, starting black and a subtle colour on top.
* The more subtle the colour you choose for the second eye-liner, the more your lips pop out as they will be the center of focus
* You can match/contrast the colour of your eyeliner to your lip colour to create cohesion/levels (respectably)

Make-Up Look – Au Naturelle
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