Handi Mandi TV – Christmas & New Year: Food & Drink

Here are a couple of tricks to spice up your Christmas or New Year get-togethers.

Just a quick FYI: all drinks featured in this video are completely virgin, not a single spec of alcohol. So these are safe for kids during your holiday festivities.

Freshen up your cheese platters with gourmet crackers and cheeses.
~ The good gourmet crackers can be found in the deli section at the grocery store or at a gourmet shop.
~ Deli cheese that I would recommend are double or triple cream Brie cheese (single cream is almost a liquid), plain or flavoured goat cheese, Camembert, or anything smoked or featured at the deli or gourmet shop.
*Be sure to try a sample if can, so you can make sure it’s a good choice before purchase, staff are usually quite accommodating.
~ Toppers for your cheese can be any combination of the following:
nuts (pecans, walnuts, almonds, pistachio, etc);
fresh or dehydrated fruits or even the pie fillings (cranberry, apricot, pitted dates, orange, tangerine, clementine, apple, pear, pomegranate, figs, etc);
herbs (parsley, cilantro, cayenne, chili, etc);
jellies, like roasted red pepper;
maple syrup;

Toppings or additives to your hot beverage (like coffee, hot chocolate, some teas):
powdered candy cane (can also be mixed into bakery mix before cooking or into or onto frosting)
whipped cream
shaved chocolate
cocoa powder (or just a sprinkle of hot cocoa mix as a cheaper alternative)

Tropical Shirley Temple:
1/3 – 1/2 glass of fruit juice (completely or mostly real fruits; mango, orange, etc)
Ginger Ale (fill the rest of the glass)
Grenadine Syrup (add to taste)
Fruit slice and/or maraschino cherry on a toothpick, sword or tropical umbrella

I would love to hear your requests, comments, feedback or what you do to spice up your Christmas, New Years or Holiday Festivities.

Links – Christmas Decor:
Glitter Pine Cone Centerpiece
Super Easy Candle Centerpiece on a Budget
Decorative Porch Planter
Metallic, Glitter & Lights
DIY Vase with Epson Salt
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DIY Tree Make Over

Handi Mandi TV – Christmas Decor: DIY Tree Make Over

Do you have a Christmas tree from last year that needs a Makeover?

Using most of the decor already on my tree and making some ornaments to match, I’m going to give it a much needed makeover. Here’s what you’ll need:

*Krylon Aerosol Spray Paint in Brilliant Silver (or another metallic of your choice)
*Elmers Spray Adhesive
*Elmers Glitter in desired colour (I only saw gold and silver, you may have to go to Michael’s or a craft store for other colours) *This is if you find ornaments that need a make-over using these items

Rubber Gloves
Cheap Christmas Ornaments (I pick up some small apples and pears that already had tassels on them at a craft surplus, so pick something all ready for you or that you can update with spray paint and/or glitter)

Newspaper or Flyers (if you don’t have any you can take them from your neighbour’s recycling bins when they’re being collected)
Cardboard Box

I hope you have fun. I would love to hear back from you and hear how your project(s) turned out, feel free to video reply or leave any requests, comments, suggestions, questions, etc in the comment section below. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Links – Christmas Decor:
Glitter Pine Cone Centerpiece
Super Easy Candle Centerpiece on a Budget
Decorative Porch Planter
Metallic, Glitter & Lights
DIY Vase with Epson Salt
DIY Wreath

Handi Mandi TV – Christmas Decor: Super Easy Candle Centerpiece on a Budget

Need some extra sizzle for your Christmas dinner table? Look no further.

Most of this can be purchase at your local dollar store, a popular shopping venue in North America for all those of you viewing from around the world. Since you may not have such discount stores I would suggest either rummaging up some old decor or shop at a second-hand shop or flee market for used goodies and then pick up on the Christmas sales at places like Kroger for the next year.

*Decorative plate (long rectangle works best)
*Candle holders (cup shaped, enough to fit on your plate with some room to spare)
*Candles or tea lights & Lighter or matches (unless you already have some)
*Small decorative ornaments or decor that will fit on plate
*Krylon Brilliant Metallic Indoor Aerosol Can (silver, gold, or a colour that will go with the rest of your Christmas decor) [usually $5 a can]

Purchase or Find in nature:
*Pine cones (if you are following last week, you may have some left over) [some can be purchase at Michael’s Craftstore and most usually have been scented with cinnamon, yum]
*Moss or Christmas tree-like Pine (you will need to keep watered or replace when dried out)
*Artificial cranberries or other small fruit
*Coffee beans (yum!)

*Cardboard box and/or newsprint, opened cereal box, etc (this is where recycling comes in handy)
*Cutlery knife (to scrape the paper sticker off your purchase decor that couldn’t peel off)
*Nail polish remover, Goo-Gone or Purell hand sanitizer (all will work to get rid of any glue adhesive left over from stickers pulled off your decor)

Handi Mandi TV – Christmas Decor: Glitter Pine Cone Centerpiece

Get ready for Christmas with me with some DIY Decor.

All of these supplies can be found at home, around the house or neighbourhood and at your local dollar store.
You will need:
Glitter glue / paint
Pine cones (make sure they’re completely dry and all the ‘petals’ have expanded)
Large or Tall Vase or Large Dish
Casserole Dish
Tin Foil

Cinnamon spice or oil
Can of Metallic aerosol paint + cardboard box
Small set of Christmas lights (dollar store)

Handi Mandi TV – Art with Make-Up 2: Glimpse of Glory (Time Lapse)

Dust off your old make-up and create some art!

This is the second art with make-up and this time with blue and green colours. I’m also using my power eye-shadows with water on water colour paper like watercolour, allowing for transparency.
This piece is inspired by how we sometimes feel that all the problems of our lives are making us feel like we’re drowning. If you notice there is a cross of light, which represents Christ Jesus. He is our Saviour if we choose to accept the freedom from sin and a life of pain and guilt and be reborn as a new creature. We can then walk in God’s love and live by his grace, overcoming the worlds temptations to live free and in constant joy.
If you have any requests, questions, comments, etc. please feel free to shout out in the comments below. I would love to hear from you all.

Art with Make-Up – Time Lapse (previous week)

Handi Mandi TV: DIY Jewellery – Macrame Styles: Micro-Macrame; Beading; Half-Knots

Here are some more Macrame styles I’m using to experiment the following:
*Micro-Macrame: using fine small cord (and equally small beads)
** Beading (on the center or outside strings)
***Half-Knots or half a square macrame knots (choose one side to knot to determine how it twists like a DNA strand)
If you have any requests or things you would like to share, please feel free to sound off in the comments below

DIY Jewellery:
Zipper Wrap Bracelet
Cotton Twill + Hex Nuts
Chain Wrap Bracelet
Macrame + Hex Nuts

Handi Mandi TV: Pinterest DIY Jewellery

Handi Mandi TV: DIY Jewellery – Macrame + Hex Nut

Continuing with some more DIY Jewellery, I hope you’re enjoying it as much as I am. It’s so gratifying to make something for yourself. I didn’t get a chance to mention this in the video, but I have a few friends who will be ordering some of my bracelets from me for their family members as stocking stuffers. Yeah! Get the ball rolling enough and it may lead somewhere . . . (note to self: make sure to use steering, lol)

Zipper Wrap Bracelet
Cotton Twill + Hex Nuts
Chain Wrap Bracelet

Pinterest Inspiration Source