Handi Mandi TV: DIY Jewellery Display – Vintage & Artsy Futuristic

DIY Jewellery Display out of old picture frames, hardware cloth, paint and more.

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I’m getting more organized this year and that includes making something to display my jewellery where I can see it, so I’ll be prompted to wear it more often. I made two frames, one for my mom and one for me, and it cost me approximately $20 for both. This will alternate if you already have some of these items or you can find a better price. You can also compensate for the cost if you make additional ones and sell them. (If I were to sell the ones I made, the larger one would be $35 and the smaller one $30, simply b/c it was painted).

What you will need:

Vintage and/or carved wood frames (Bible’s For Missions $2.00 each in the wharehouse, ask clerk for assistance, prices may vary)
Vintage Door Knobs to match frame (you may need to repaint them to match)

Krylon Aerosol Spray Paint in Brilliant Gold (or another metallic of your choice) [the hardware cloth already comes in silver, so repaint it to match your frame as desired]
OPTIONAL: Hot Glue Gun (depending on the thickness of the base of your door knobs, they may not screw on all the way b/c of the tight space)

Hardware Cloth (smallest roll was approx. $7.99)
1/8″ or 3mm Peg Board (smallest size and you can ask them to cut it down to desired sizes for you)

Acrylic Paint
OPTIONAL: Sand Paper (My door knobs needed to be sanded down in order for the paint to adhere)
OPTIONAL: Hot glue for glue gun

PAINT STORE (that sells wallpaper and gives samples):
FREE samples of wallpaper (if you cannot find desired pattern or colour, you can choose a plain white with or without embossing and paint yourself)

Electric Hand Drill
Drill Bits (for Pre-Drilling the holes for your door knobs to prevent your frame from cracking)
Bits (to push screws into your frame for door knobs)
Square bit (to hammer staples into frame if they’re longer)
Industrial Staple Gun
Industrial Staples
Electric Saw or Chop Saw (to cut your boards to desired length if they don’t do it at the hardware store)
Measuring Tape
Work Gloves
OPTIONAL: Handy Assistant knowledgeable in construction (My brother Stephen helped me)

Sponge (check your cleaning supplies)
Old Rag (or you can use an old sock and cut open)
Paint Palette or paper/plastic plate

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Handi Mandi TV – Super Thrift Shopathon: Collective Haul Outfits

I want to start off my thanking my wonderfully patient mother who took the time to take all these pictures for this weeks episode. Secondly, I apologize for the low quality of the pics as I had to use two programs and neither of which were Photoshop, unfortunately.

The day after coming back from shopping in the States (Chesterfield), I went shopping at the Value VIllage 50% Off Super Sale. Here’s all my tips and tricks to preparing yourself for your Super Thrift Shopathon: Appropriate Attire, Resources to Keep on Hand or on the Brain and Nourishment. Happy Bargain-Hunting!

*Please note that some of the garments did not have tags indicating the brands and everything is under $10 per piece of clothing with the exception of where I’ve indicated as such in the picture caption*

Napoleon Romance
Eclectic Fusion - Wool Vest, $20 @ Manitoulin Island Thrift Shop; Winners Tights, $10-15


Spanish Rose
Good Girl Gone Wild


Fresh Prep - American Eagle Blazer purchase for $15 at Liquidation World
Dark Bloom


Club Hopper
Mixing Business with Pleasure - Target Canada Blazer $10-20


Pretty in Pink


Flirting Drape
Easy Breasy - Walmart Wrap Belt $10-15


Military Babe
Youthful Expressions


Mystic Fortune
Tennis Lessons


Working Hard
Bright Burst


G.I. Jane
Casual Leisure


Punk'd 2.0


Summer Fresh