Handi Mandi TV: DIY Jewellery – Macrame Styles: Micro-Macrame; Beading; Half-Knots

Here are some more Macrame styles I’m using to experiment the following:
*Micro-Macrame: using fine small cord (and equally small beads)
** Beading (on the center or outside strings)
***Half-Knots or half a square macrame knots (choose one side to knot to determine how it twists like a DNA strand)
If you have any requests or things you would like to share, please feel free to sound off in the comments below

DIY Jewellery:
Zipper Wrap Bracelet
Cotton Twill + Hex Nuts
Chain Wrap Bracelet
Macrame + Hex Nuts

Handi Mandi TV: Pinterest DIY Jewellery