TV Show Predictions – Mid-Summer 2011

Though I cannot definitively explain what formulas writers are using when they write our favorite television shows, however I can make a few predictions based on patterns I’ve seen over the years. Some may be dead on, others may be way off base and some may have a bit of truth to them. So here it goes, my first attempt to predict the story-lines to come:


Although Simon says he’s not Rebecca Gordon’s type, that may not stop him from developing feelings for her. It will create a potential complication in his sexual desires. For instance, if he slowly starts to fall in love with her, he may start to develop a type of women he likes to sleep with that look a lot like Rebecca . . . or he could skip to the part where he starts saying her name during sex.

There’s also the complication from the pilot over Rebecca’s medical complication. Though the problem has been put to the side, the writers have an opportunity to put her on the operating table and create friction for the doctors she works with to save a life of one of their own. There could also be potential that more symptoms will show during an epidemic at the hospital, say another disease or virus strain infects the patients and her personal malady starts showing signs coinciding with the patients’, throwing them all for a loop.


In the most recent episode, ‘Welcome to Occupation’, Danielle (Annie’s sister) shows suspicions in Annie’s behavior around her work and her unusual hours. I’m sure we’ll see some conflict between the sisters as Danielle gets more suspicious and starts paying attention to the details. Although the CIA have her back and a whole department in charge of agent’s public cover, that may not be enough if they somehow slip up and Danielle gets a hint of Annie’s unusual activities.

Annie is steadily moving forward in her romantic life with new doctor boyfriend, but how will the both of them react if Ben Mercer walks in on their relationship? Which man will Annie chose: The man who already knows her real job because he has the same one or the unknowing man that offers Annie some ‘normalcy’?


Though Jill has decided to work in South America setting up much needed clinics, the writers will either find a way to keep in the cast or find her a replacement. The latter option seems too soon, as the series has only beginning it’s third season, then again. . . Let’s assume it’s the former, more than likely something will entwine Jill and Hank through their romance to a more permanent basis. Hank wants the best for her, insisting that she works on her clinic, but perhaps she’ll make a compromise with her employer to come back during the summers. Ta-da, and presto a reason to keep her in the cast.

Divia may also rekindle her romance with Hank Med’s patient, Adam, now that she is not longer engaged. For some reason I have a funny feeling that whomever Divia’s new romance will be, whether it’s Adam or someone new, her parents will suddenly burst back into her life all happy over her new beau because it happens to match their ‘plans’ (That being understood that ‘plans’ means: ‘whatever marriage arrangement that will lead to the family’s fortune and success’.)


If you’ve seen the most recent episode, Neil lies to Mozzie about finding the manifest page from the Nazi U-Boat, wherein lied the treasure that Mozzie stole for them. No doubt Neil is having second thoughts, however the previews to the season finale hint that someone moves the treasure and a swat team come at the last moment to catch them. A slippery precipice awaits the two thieves. My first thought was to ponder whether Mozzie would leave Neil behind and take the treasure with him to live the dream, but I’m thinking that he may chose friendship over fortune. That’s counting on Neil either changing his mind and staying by choice, because he now sees that he in fact has everything he ever wanted, or perhaps something or someone will force his hand to giving away his treasure leaving him without the option of escape. If it’s the former, who’s to say that a suggestion doesn’t come up to giving their treasure away to charity, or even to the Vulture (Mozzie’s new hacker/lover)? But I have my chips on the latter option, in which case Neil may just brush it off and say that he planned on staying anyways, but neither Peter, the CIA, or Sara will readily believe him.


I see a romance that will spark between Mike and Rachel, but it’s going to encounter some tough obstacles as dictated by the Hollywood writing formulas. First off, Rachel’s reply to Mike’s invitation to a dinner date implied that it may be against company policy for any romance between co-workers. Second, Trevor’s ex-girlfriend that Mike had a thing for and kissed after she broke up with Trevor, may give the writer’s the opportunity to push her into Mike’s arms just as Rachel may be considering breaking those office rules.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed. Please feel free to leave comments on what predictions you have for the shows listed above. As more shows start airing (ones from the Fave Tv Shows page) I’ll be adding predictions for discussion.