Handi Mandi TV – Christmas Decor: Decorative Porch Planter

Deck out the porch with this decorative Porch Planter.

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Here are the items you will need, most of which can be purchase at the dollar store:
Seasonal Planter (for spring)
1 package of Large Christmas Ornaments (3 large bulbs will do)
1 package of Small Christmas Ornaments (4 used in this tutorial)
*Optional: Small pack of 40 lights
*Optional: Craft Paint Palette
Craft Acrylic Paint in Black
Small pack of Glue Sticks (unless you buy bigger bag at Wal-mart with glue gun)
Painter’s Drop Cloth
Rubber Gloves
Steel Wool
Kabob Skewers

Krylon Aerosol Spray Paint in Brilliant Satin White
Krylon Aerosol Spray Paint in Brilliant Silver (or another metallic or your choice)
Glue Gun (small $4 one)
*Optional: Glue Gun Gluesticks

1 Aquafoam Brick
Some free small packages of flower food

RUMMAGE (that means go find it in your house or out in nature somewhere):
Small box
Newspapers or Flyers (or you can steal them from your neighbours recycling, lol)
Pine Cones (you can purchase the cinnamon oil scented ones at Wal-mart)
Greenery (Christmas theme: pine of your choice, or cedar)
Large Tupperware container

Handi Mandi TV – Woodwork: DIY Rustic Wood Fence – Preparing Your Wood

In the season of summer, I’m starting another long-term project: a DIY rustic fence out of branches and thick long sticks that are going to be decorated for an added element to our cabin in the woods feel that we have going in the backyard.
So I’m in the process of removing the bark (which is easier after it’s been wet or soaked by rain) and scraping off the under-layer of the bark with a metal brush. Finally I will painstakingly sand it down (coarser the sandpaper the better – easier and faster), so I suggest using the sponge ones, b/c they can curve better over certain areas better than just regular sheets of sandpaper. If your branch/stick has some knobs, you may want to saw them off for a smoother feel. Also be sure to check your hands, it can sometimes take it out on your skin.