Handi Mandi TV – New Exclusive Content

You can now get interactive with Handi Mandi as she plans out upcoming projects . . .

  • Make requests for upcoming project episodes;
  • input on current and upcoming projects;
  • input on creating projects using current supplies;
  • feedback on previous projects;
  • etc

For example (as of Early January 2013):

Creating a jewellery display using an old picture frame, metal mesh and some small door knobs.

Handi Mandi TV: Christmas Decor – DIY Vase with Epson Salt

Let’s Re-Design you Vase with some Epson Bath Salts.

This is a really easy DIY home decor and here’s what you’re going to need . . .

Elmers Spray Adhesive
OPTIONAL: Krylon Aerosol Spray Paint in Brilliant Silver & Brilliant Gold (or another metallic or your choice)
OPTIONAL: Elmers Glitter in desired colour (I only saw gold and silver, you may have to go to Michael’s or a craft store for other colours)
Epson Salt (unless you already have some at home, whatever you don’t use for the craft you can use to treat yourself to a bath afterwards)

Large Vase
Medium or Large Paint Brush (1 from painting section, not crafts)
Decor or Ornaments (I used 1 pack each of large and small disco balls and two fake flowers with sparkly silver ‘berries’ that I ended up plucking off and mixing all together.
~ If you cannot find decor in desired colour, grab the ones that have desired shape and spray with metallic and/or spray with adhesive to add glitter
Rubber Gloves
Painter’s tape (smaller the better, less cutting involved)

Newspaper or Flyers (if you don’t have any you can take them from your neighbour’s recycling bins when they’re being collected)
Cardboard Box

I hope you have fun. I would love to hear back from you and hear how your project(s) turned out, feel free to video reply or leave any requests, comments, suggestions, questions, etc in the comment section below. Merry Christmas!

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Metallic, Glitter & Light

Handi Mandi TV – Christmas Decor: Decorative Porch Planter

Deck out the porch with this decorative Porch Planter.

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Here are the items you will need, most of which can be purchase at the dollar store:
Seasonal Planter (for spring)
1 package of Large Christmas Ornaments (3 large bulbs will do)
1 package of Small Christmas Ornaments (4 used in this tutorial)
*Optional: Small pack of 40 lights
*Optional: Craft Paint Palette
Craft Acrylic Paint in Black
Small pack of Glue Sticks (unless you buy bigger bag at Wal-mart with glue gun)
Painter’s Drop Cloth
Rubber Gloves
Steel Wool
Kabob Skewers

Krylon Aerosol Spray Paint in Brilliant Satin White
Krylon Aerosol Spray Paint in Brilliant Silver (or another metallic or your choice)
Glue Gun (small $4 one)
*Optional: Glue Gun Gluesticks

1 Aquafoam Brick
Some free small packages of flower food

RUMMAGE (that means go find it in your house or out in nature somewhere):
Small box
Newspapers or Flyers (or you can steal them from your neighbours recycling, lol)
Pine Cones (you can purchase the cinnamon oil scented ones at Wal-mart)
Greenery (Christmas theme: pine of your choice, or cedar)
Large Tupperware container

Handi Mandi TV – Christmas Decor: Super Easy Candle Centerpiece on a Budget

Need some extra sizzle for your Christmas dinner table? Look no further.

Most of this can be purchase at your local dollar store, a popular shopping venue in North America for all those of you viewing from around the world. Since you may not have such discount stores I would suggest either rummaging up some old decor or shop at a second-hand shop or flee market for used goodies and then pick up on the Christmas sales at places like Kroger for the next year.

*Decorative plate (long rectangle works best)
*Candle holders (cup shaped, enough to fit on your plate with some room to spare)
*Candles or tea lights & Lighter or matches (unless you already have some)
*Small decorative ornaments or decor that will fit on plate
*Krylon Brilliant Metallic Indoor Aerosol Can (silver, gold, or a colour that will go with the rest of your Christmas decor) [usually $5 a can]

Purchase or Find in nature:
*Pine cones (if you are following last week, you may have some left over) [some can be purchase at Michael’s Craftstore and most usually have been scented with cinnamon, yum]
*Moss or Christmas tree-like Pine (you will need to keep watered or replace when dried out)
*Artificial cranberries or other small fruit
*Coffee beans (yum!)

*Cardboard box and/or newsprint, opened cereal box, etc (this is where recycling comes in handy)
*Cutlery knife (to scrape the paper sticker off your purchase decor that couldn’t peel off)
*Nail polish remover, Goo-Gone or Purell hand sanitizer (all will work to get rid of any glue adhesive left over from stickers pulled off your decor)

Handi Mandi TV – Embellishment Projects: 101 Guides

These are four videos to help you get started or expand your knowledge on embellishment projects, whether that be with embroidery, beads, sequins, etc.
How To Embroidery Stitches – Video Archive
Embroidery Resource Page

Fabric Care

Here I talk about what fabrics beginners should begin with, how to pre-wash your fabrics to prevent shrinking and about sew-in interfacing

Choosing A Design

Here I talk about three different options for choosing and transferring patterns or design to your “canvas”.

Tips & Tricks

This video consists of several tips and tricks to make your project that much more beautiful and professional.

Understanding Stitch Types

This video consists the questions or rules that will guide you as you determine how to do any kind of Embroidery or Beading stitch. When you realize the pattern, it will be that much more to apply it and manipulate it as you want.

Previous Episodes:

Embellishment Project Supplies

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Handi Mandi TV – Embellishment Project Supplies

embroidery floss brick
embroidery floss brick (Photo credit: average_jane_crafter)

Here are the basic supplies you will need for you beading, embroidery, sequin, etc projects along with tips, tricks and places to find a great bargain for your supplies.

Here are the embellishment supplies you will need for you beading, embroidery, sequin, etc projects along with tips, tricks and places to find a great bargain for your supplies.


embroidery (Photo credit: smallestbones)


Sequins (Photo credit: Jenele)