Handi Mandi TV – DIY Jewellery: Chain Wrap Bracelet (How-To & Time Lapse)

It’s so much more satisfying if you make your own crafts, and with jewellery you can take it with you anywhere. I’m continuing a series of DIY Jewellery, all of which have been inspired by what I’ve found on Pinterest. My page is above you would like to check it out, maybe you would like to make a request or leave a link below to your page. Sound off in the comments below, I would love to hear from you.

DIY / How to Make a Zipper Wrap Bracelet
DIY Jewellery: Cotton Twill + Hex Nuts (How-To & Time Lapse)

Pinterest Inspiration

Painting with Bubbles – Divine Fingerprint (Rainbow + Gold) Time Lapse

I wanted to continue exploring a new art medium using bubbles and food colouring which I started last week (link below). This time I used much more, like ridiculously more food colouring for the project so it would not be so washed out and transparent. I hope you like it as much as I do, because it turned out fantastic.

If you have any requests, feedback or replies (written or video), please post them below. I would love to hear from all of you.

Painting with Bubbles – Instructions & Time Lapse

I you haven’t been watching my previous videos I have been inspired like crazy by the things I’ve found on Pinterest, so checkout my Handi Mandi TV Pinterest Page to see what I’ve pinned. If you like something you find, repin or let me know in the comment below if you want me to make a video on it.
So this week I’ve experimented with painting . . . using bubbles, yes, bubbles. It works best with food colouring, you can also use liquid watercolours. I stress liquid, because the paint won’t dissolve and it’s not enough colour saturation as it is with the food colouring. You may want to mix your own blend of bubble mix as it may not be ‘soapy’ enough depending on the brand you purchase. I’ll looking forward to exploring this medium more next week.
If you have any feedback or requests, I would LOVE to hear from you, so sound off in the comments below.

Handi Mandi TV – Design Studio: Apocalypto

Join me as I show you how I manual colour my fashion illustration inspired by the film Apocalypto. All the links referred to in the original video descriptions are here:

Behance Network Portfolio and Illustration project (respectively):

Here’s the final illustration being coloured in the final video:

Uchben Hatsutsil ~ "AncientBeauty" in Mayan


A special thank you for all my birthday wishes from friends and family and a sneak at some of the bargain hunting I did the day before at the mall. Finally, I give you guys a little taste of the design I’ve been working on [second Behance link, illustration called ‘Uchben Hatsutsil (“Ancient Beauty” in Mayan) ‘]

This is where I walk you through all the images that I used for inspiration and give you a look at how my mind works in developing my designs and how I do my research for each fashion illustration that you can find on my Behance portfolio.

Watch me colour my hand-drawn fashion illustration using Laurentien pencil crayons and drawing pens. Learn some of the techniques I use to add definition and depth to the illustration and the techniques to make it stand off the page. Bring your patience and passion, because although it’s a 12-13 minute video it took hours to do. Patience + Passion = Perfection.