Mandi Lavoie

I’m a Canadian girl, raised in the small city called Chatham, located in southern Ontario. I’m in my early twenties and I’ve just finished up all my schooling for fashion design at Fanshawe College, so I’ll be graduating in November ( it’s a co-operative education program, so the summers are an opportunity to get work experience before you graduate; not so easy when the recession hit during my first year, ouch!). Graduating high school with over 500 hundreds community hours, I left with a firm understanding of the arts and numerous technical skills: visual arts (everything from charcoal to oil painting); manual and digital photography; Print Media (posters, brochures, magazine covers, business cards, stationary, etc); Film-making and Live Broadcast; Publicity and much, much more.

I love to learn and challenge my creativity in everything I do. My dream is to start out in fashion and costuming for television and film, then branch out to film-making, writing and maybe even a little acting (though with little experience, I don’t see myself surviving off of actors paychecks, lol). I’m a big fan of science fiction and ancient historicals, and I’m a fan of anything that has a good storyline. That’s enough about me, you can check the links below for more information and portfolio work, thanks.

LinkedIn         Behance Network         Twitter        Facebook       Youtube       TwitBizCard (Business Card shared via Twitter)

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