Handi Mandi TV: New Year – News & Changes

Happy New Year! I’m getting organized with some new changes.

I have a couple of announcements including schedule changes from every Thursday to every other Sunday, starting today. So the next episode with be in two weeks.
Also I have added an interactive element to the Handi Mandi TV website where you can see what projects I have in the works and leave feeback, requests, comments, etc. The next project is a jewellery display out of an old picture frame, door knobs, etc. So be sure to check that out.

The rest of the episode you can follow along with me as I get organized with an at home organizer that was inspired by At Home With Nikki, another youtuber that happens to follow me and I followed back. She has some great stuff on getting organized, at home entertaining, etc. So check her out here:

As always, I look forward to hearing from you all. So if you have any requests for an upcoming episode project, comments on this episode or feedback for improvements, etc. Please sound off in the comments below.

Handi Mandi TV ~ Upcoming Projects

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