Handi Mandi TV: Christmas Decor – DIY Vase with Epson Salt

Let’s Re-Design you Vase with some Epson Bath Salts.

This is a really easy DIY home decor and here’s what you’re going to need . . .

Elmers Spray Adhesive
OPTIONAL: Krylon Aerosol Spray Paint in Brilliant Silver & Brilliant Gold (or another metallic or your choice)
OPTIONAL: Elmers Glitter in desired colour (I only saw gold and silver, you may have to go to Michael’s or a craft store for other colours)
Epson Salt (unless you already have some at home, whatever you don’t use for the craft you can use to treat yourself to a bath afterwards)

Large Vase
Medium or Large Paint Brush (1 from painting section, not crafts)
Decor or Ornaments (I used 1 pack each of large and small disco balls and two fake flowers with sparkly silver ‘berries’ that I ended up plucking off and mixing all together.
~ If you cannot find decor in desired colour, grab the ones that have desired shape and spray with metallic and/or spray with adhesive to add glitter
Rubber Gloves
Painter’s tape (smaller the better, less cutting involved)

Newspaper or Flyers (if you don’t have any you can take them from your neighbour’s recycling bins when they’re being collected)
Cardboard Box

I hope you have fun. I would love to hear back from you and hear how your project(s) turned out, feel free to video reply or leave any requests, comments, suggestions, questions, etc in the comment section below. Merry Christmas!

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