Handi Mandi TV – Christmas Decor: Metallic Glitter & Lights

Got some old glass bottles kicking around that need a new look?
Let’s deck ’em out as Christmas window decor.
Here’s what you’ll need . . .

Krylon Aerosol Spray Paint in Brilliant Silver & Brilliant Gold (or another metallic or your choice)
Elmers Spray Adhesive
Elmers Glitter in Silver
Elmers Glitter in Gold

Rubber Gloves
40 pack of Miniature Lights (you need at least one)
Elmers or No-name liquid glue
*Optional: Drop Cloth

Glass Bottles (in desired shapes and sizes, if you don’t have any you can take them from your neighbour’s recycling bins when they’re being collected)
Newspaper or Flyers
Cardboard Box

Links – Christmas Decor:
Glitter Pine Cone Centerpiece
Super Easy Candle Centerpiece on a Budget
Decorative Porch Planter

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