Handi Mandi TV – Embellishment Projects: 101 Guides

These are four videos to help you get started or expand your knowledge on embellishment projects, whether that be with embroidery, beads, sequins, etc.
How To Embroidery Stitches – Video Archive
Embroidery Resource Page

Fabric Care

Here I talk about what fabrics beginners should begin with, how to pre-wash your fabrics to prevent shrinking and about sew-in interfacing

Choosing A Design

Here I talk about three different options for choosing and transferring patterns or design to your “canvas”.

Tips & Tricks

This video consists of several tips and tricks to make your project that much more beautiful and professional.

Understanding Stitch Types

This video consists the questions or rules that will guide you as you determine how to do any kind of Embroidery or Beading stitch. When you realize the pattern, it will be that much more to apply it and manipulate it as you want.

Previous Episodes:

Embellishment Project Supplies

Unbound 2012 (fashion show)


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