Save Terra Nova! Petition for a Movie

This is one of my fave new shows that has been unfortunately dropped for a second season. I ask that anyone who is willing, please sign the petition and support the effort to launch Terra Nova into a feature movie. Thank you.

Here’s the link:

Terra Nova Movie Petition

“We listened to the fans and the fans are saying; that while a Terra Nova Season 2 may not yet be on the cards, a movie would be the next logical step.

With that in mind we have prepared the following petition which is automatically emailed to Fox Broadcasting when you sign it.

Like our other petition, it will only work if fans pass the word about it by using the sharing buttons.

You can share the petition on both Twitter and Facebook after signing it; using the buttons provided.

Please allow me to thank you ahead of time for signing the petition.

Martin Keatings

Admin (Save Terra Nova)


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