– Phenomenal Video Finds!

My brother is always posting videos from this site, so I decided to peruse some of the site for myself and here are the videos I found on page 1-19 of all videos:

Amazing Feats

This Is Skateboarding The Way It Used To Be: Early Skateboarding on a flat surface just as impressive as any aerial stunts done today.

Impossible Pool Trickshots: If this is real, this is the most incredible pool shots of all time.

Insane Bike Parkour: Andrew Dickey riding Melbourne in early 2012. Just incredible what he can pull off.

Who Says Cheerleading Isn’t A Sport?

Are You This Good At Your Job?: This is insane…watch how fast this girl works. I feel so lazy now.

Amazing Strength And Balance: Amazing feats of acrobatic strength and balance by these twin brothers from Ukraine. I guess the Ukraine is not weak after all…

Car Drifting At It’s Best: The best synchronized drifting you will ever see. It’s like car ballet.

Georgian National Ballet: Hey, it’s like everything is spinning. Seriously though, mad skills on these dancers.

Blind Fold Rubik`s Cube Record: Marcell Endrey sets a new world record after solving a Rubik`s Cube blindfolded in just 28.80 seconds.

World’s Fastest Guitar Player: This seems to be a new world record for fastest guitar player but who really knows what’s going on towards the end at 999 BPM.

Japanese Glass Ball Performer: This guy is seriously awesome.

Yo-Yo Master: Iceland is pretty isolated so some of us take up hobbies. This is one example.

It’s Like He’s Dancing With The Bike: Watch on mute with Tchaikovsky or other ballet music. It fits well…

Skating To The Next Level: Might as well just use the song “You Spin Me Right Round” next time. How is no one throwing up from that much spinning?

Impressive BMX Skills: Love it when these guys perform in public places. Some of the stunts they pull of are quite jaw dropping.

Kid Does Push Ups On Glass Bottles: 7-year-old Giuliano Stroe, known as the world’s strongest kid, does push ups while balancing on glass bottles. He already holds a few Guinness World Records!

Spin: This looks like so much fun but I’m sure it’s not as easy at it looks. Also, getting sick would be my greatest concern.

Incredible Street Musician: Violin + looping pedal and this street musician can make some really incredible music.

Unbelievable: Damien Walters 2011 official show reel. He’s not that bad.

People Are Awesome: Enjoy this WIN movie, and be proud of these people’s amazing feats.

Painting With A Basketball: Here’s a painting of NBA superstar Yao Ming done using some red paint and a basketball. Impossibru!

Incredible: This is one of the best and most awesome videos of sports you have or ever will see in your entire life.

Epic Flip Guy: Let me dance for you the dance of my people…no seriously, how nuts are this guys skills!

Hand Balancing: …all this and she still manages to stay within the vicinity of the kitchen. All jokes aside, this is just f*cking nuts.

Acrobatic Dog: Check out this dog’s balancing act. Actually has more balance than some humans.

Unusual Talent: Making your eyebrows bounce to the beat is quite unusual but still impressive.

Amazing Finger Artist: In only 3 minutes this guy makes you one amazing painted landscape with no brushes, only using his fingers.

Japanese Scientists Create Touchable Holograms: Researchers at Tokyo University have come up with a technology that is a first and significant step away from the mouse and keyboard touchable holograms.

Millions Of Dots: Artwork composed of 3.2 million ink dots

Breakdancing With A Chair: Breakdancing head spin at it’s best

Technology & Inventions

Amazing Device Can Make Wheelchairs Obsolete: The young man in this video looks like he’s riding a Segway, But Yusuf Akturkoglu was paralized after falling from a horse five years ago and he’s being mobilized by an amazing device invented by Turkish scientists. It’s going to change lives.

This Kid Is A Genius: Mentos Geyser – Super Soda Dispenser 3000!
Jack Spangler demonstrates his unique invention to not only prevent the waste of Diet Coke when shooting off a Mentos Geyser, but to serve soda to six of his friends at the same time!

Humvee Airless Tires: Are these the car wheels of the future? If they are, you won’t need to worry about flat tires anymore.

Glass Harmonica: This is probably one of the most beautiful instruments ever invented.

Samsung’s Smart Window: The not so distant future of home windows. Pretty cool!

Homemade Synthesizer: This is ridiculously awesome. Gives new meaning to banging on pots and pans.

Carrot Clarinet: Linsey Pollak drills out a carrot and turns it into a clarinet and plays it.

Controlled Quantum Levitation: A short footage of a recent work on quantum levitation from the Japan Institute Of Science And Technology.

Flight Assembled Architecture: Small helicopters place bricks, no human assistance.


Banana Scare: I think it’s the way he jiggles around that’s so freaking funny.

Bubble Room Prank: Waking up to your room completely overtaken by bubbles, great prank.

Meow Choir: These should please the cat lovers out there. Choir boys singing like cats. RELEASE THE KITTIES!

How To Kill A Washing Machine: Wonder if this voids the warranty?

One Crazy Screaming Pug: This little pug sounds like a gerbil having his testies squeezed if you know what that sounds like.

Cute Video Of Dog Confused By IPhone

Australian Navy Having Some Fun: Royal Australian Navy version of Barbra Streisand.


Cat Soothing Crying Baby To Sleep: Chill the f*ck out, I got this.

Jamin’s Downtown Disney Flashmob Proposal: Here’s to many decades of love, music and dancing for the blessed & happy couple.

Trippy Japanese “Ring Art”: No need for a level Asian joke as they are the only nationality that can pull this off.

Fresh Guacamole: Very clever and original stop motion animation. “Dicing” the onions, very clever.

Russian Swing: In Soviet Russia You can swing without swings

6+ Layers Of Guitar: It’s like Inception but for guitars.

Pat The Cat: Cat demands petting, cat gets petting. Cats are our masters.

10 Science Tricks For Parties: Just don’t do all the same tricks at the same party and you should be a hit.

Questionable Bridge: Would you really walk across this bridge?


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