Handi Mandi TV – How To Draw A Fashion Croquis

Follow along as I teach you how to draw a fashion croquis. It is the figure drawing of a female, male or child that is then placed under a piece of paper or tissue to draw the clothing or garment design.

The Brainchild Exhibition – Recommended Reading

Here I show you what supplies you’ll need and the planning steps to set up for drawing a fashion croquis used for fashion illustration.

Here I show you the first half of the steps, in no particular order, on how to draw the different body parts with contouring principles for a fashion croquis.

*DISCLAIMER* I do not own the rights to these images *DISCLAIMER*

How to Draw Hands
Fashion Croquis - 9 Head Guidelines

0 – 1″

  • Head (Oval);

1″ – (1 1/4″ – 1 1/2″ = Shoulder Line)

  • Neck to Shoulders;
  • Shoulder Line = 1 1/2″ width (3/4″ each side of center line);
  •  Shoulder line becomes Clavicle;

Shoulder Line to 3″

  • Arm from Shoulder to Elbow = 1 1/2″ (1/2″ = Underarm, from shoulder to 2″ center line marker);


  • Bust Line – Draw Nipples midway between center line and underarm *** Lower 1/4″ if Shoulder Line is 1 1/2″ on center line ***
  • Draw the Bust as shown in picture to desired “fullness”;


  • Waist = 1″ (1/2″ each side of center line);
  • Invisible Line Perpendicular to center line for Elbows;
  • Belly Button on marker at center line or just below

3″ – 4″

  • Lower Arm from Elbow to Wrist; *** Raise elbow and wrist up 1/4″ if arm is bent and hand is leaning on hip area, but lower 1/8″ if that shoulder is lower than other as shown in picture***


  • Hips, same as shoulders, = 1 1/2″ width (3/4″ each side of center line);
  • Up 1/4″ reference notch on Hips;
  • Down 1/4″ reference notch on center line for crotch; Connect to previous notch as shown in picture

4″ – (4 3/8″ – 4 1/4″)

  • Choose the desired  length of hand from wrist to first knuckles, same measurement applies from first knuckles to tips of fingers. *** Refer to your own hand to know length of each finger in relation to the other, including the thumb***


  • Knees = 1/4″ – 1/2″ wide;

7″, 7 1/4″ OR 7 1/2″

  • Fullest part of the Calves = 1/2″ or 1.5x larger than knees


  • Ankles; Ankle joint larger on outside than inside

9 1/4″ – 9 1/2″

  • Bottom of shoes, generally drawn in heels

One thought on “Handi Mandi TV – How To Draw A Fashion Croquis

  1. thanks thats really help full, I can’s wait to try it out, if there are any other tips you have ( i’m a 13 year old fashion illustration freak!) can you email me them or pictures , I really want to change the way i present my deigns.

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