Handi Mandi TV – How to Hem Your Own Pants

Here I show you how to hem your own pants so that not only are you looking professional in fitted clothing, but also to save yourselves lots of money that would otherwise be spent paying alterations shop the convenience of a simple hem.

Hong-Kong Hem with Blind Catch Stich (p.81 of the Reader’s Digest – Complete Guide to Sewing)

With right sides together, stitch 1 – 1 1/2″ wide bias strips/tape to seam allowance (or in this case your hem allowance). Trim down to 1/4″ and turn bias over the edge to the underside and press. From right side, stitch in crevice, aka stitch-in-the-ditch of the first stitching. Trim unfinished edge of bias tape. Blink catchstitch 1″ pressed hem


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The Brainchild Exhibition – Reading List


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