Handi Mandi TV – Shopping in the States: Collective Haul and Side Rant

I recently went shopping to the States, USA, specifically to Chesterfield MI. I haven’t been to the states in about a year, my last trip was to NYC for fabric shopping for our final graduate collections. So here I share a couple videos about my experience, links referred in the videos are here:

Design Studio – Apocalypto

Books, Magazines and Videos Resources

Little excerpt I had to remove from the first video included the fact that American dollar stores, like Dollar Tree, had brand name make-up (Maybelline New York, Almay, E.l.f., NYC, etc) as well as Tylenol and other pharmacy over the counter drugs. Say what?!!!


I recently went shopping down to the States (US) and I’m showing you all the stuff I purchased and I brought back. Lots of bargains and a couple tips on how to get discounts.

This is a little rant, nothing negatively judgmental or anything, but simply asking the much asked question that came up when I went shopping the the States recently and the facts on how you can make purchases in most Canada stores with American currency, but it cannot be said vice-versa. This is my personal experience and opinion, so if you have any comments or know of any stores that do take Canadian currency, debit/interac and/or credit cards, please let me know so I can be the first to compile a list on my blog.



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