Daily Dawdle – Update Early 2012

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15 Hilarious Notes Left on Windshields (15 Pics)
HOW TO: Create a Home Made Wax Seal (16 Pics)
16 Ways to Have Fun with Statues (16 Pics)
WATCH: Kitty Massages Pug, While It Snores Away (Video)
BADASS: Dwarf Bullfighters in Colombia and Mexico (22 Pics)
WATCH: How This Cat Asks for a Petting (Video)
BADASS: Iranian Female Ninjas (15 Pics)
Walmart Bingo: Take This With You During Every Visit (Pic)
AWW: Watch A Bird Feed This Dog Noodles (Video)
14 Hilarious Passive Aggressive Notes (14 Pics)
SWEET: A Living Room on the Beach (Pic)
WATCH: Self Leveling Pool Table on a Cruise Ship (Video)
SEXY OR WEIRD? 26 Awkward Model Poses (26 Pics)
Awesome Underwater Activities You're Missing Out On (15 Pics)
The Best of "How People See Me vs. What I Really Do" Meme (14 Pics)
LIKE A BOSS: Homemade Pool Table in Africa (Pic)
WATCH: Mind Blowing 3D Printer Can Print Almost Anything (Video)
8 Actors Who Look the Same in Every Movie Poster (46 Pics)
WORLD RECORD: The Most Expensive Starbucks Drink Ever (2 Pics)
Funeral Home Drive-Thru Viewing (2 Pics)
Awesome House Made of Cargo Containers (18 Pics)
AWESOME: Paper as Anatomical Art by Lisa Nilsson (4 Pics)
WATCH: The Flip Side - If Men and Women were switched in a bar scene (Video)
WATCH: How to Stack Beer Bottles with an Excavator (Video)
Giant Whale Shark Caught in Pakistan (8 Pics)
JIMMY KIMMEL PRANK: Unplug the TV during the Superbowl (Video)
14 WTF U.S. City Names (14 Pics)
WTF: The MacGyver Hair Dresser in Bangladesh (Pic)
CINNAMON CHALLENGE IS FOR SISSIES: This is The Gauntlet Challenge (Video)

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