Handi Mandi TV – Design Studio: Apocalypto

Join me as I show you how I manual colour my fashion illustration inspired by the film Apocalypto. All the links referred to in the original video descriptions are here:

Behance Network Portfolio and Illustration project (respectively):

Here’s the final illustration being coloured in the final video:

Uchben Hatsutsil ~ "AncientBeauty" in Mayan


A special thank you for all my birthday wishes from friends and family and a sneak at some of the bargain hunting I did the day before at the mall. Finally, I give you guys a little taste of the design I’ve been working on [second Behance link, illustration called ‘Uchben Hatsutsil (“Ancient Beauty” in Mayan) ‘]

This is where I walk you through all the images that I used for inspiration and give you a look at how my mind works in developing my designs and how I do my research for each fashion illustration that you can find on my Behance portfolio.

Watch me colour my hand-drawn fashion illustration using Laurentien pencil crayons and drawing pens. Learn some of the techniques I use to add definition and depth to the illustration and the techniques to make it stand off the page. Bring your patience and passion, because although it’s a 12-13 minute video it took hours to do. Patience + Passion = Perfection.


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