Happy Birthday . . . To Myself!

That’s right, I’m a Valentine’s baby! I’m almost at a quarter of a century, oy! I had a great day at work and I’ll be sure to report on the birthday parties to happen this weekend. Love you all bunches!


I apologize for not posting these pictures sooner, but here they are. The family played euchre, a tradition at family gatherings, wherein I exclude myself because I suck at all card and board games and get upset when I don’t win a game ever!


Meanwhile I busied myself by playing with my two little cousins, both got a make-over as you can see here:


I gave Brooklyn a lesson on how to do her eye shadow and blush and as she practiced, Braeden got to look like a pug:

Brooklyn's putting on some blush with the new brush set I gave her
Two beautiful girls, taking a pose
Brooklyn helping Braeden with the final touches
Uncle Harvey, the kids grandfather, comes over to check out their new looks

We finished the our meal with Jared, the ‘brother from another mother, whose been unofficially adopted’, does his usual stint and has us all laughing our butts off. I should really get him on camera, I tried, but he got self-conscious I guess and the clip I did get wasn’t that funny. Jared should really start his own comedy channel, he’s hilarious! Apparently my cousin Erica remarked: “I would give him free dinner’s too” I guess to mean if it meant he would ‘perform’ a comedy routine as he usually does when he visits.

Last but not least, we ended the evening with the movie The Pacifier featuring Vin Diesel, good times.


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