My New Iron Man 3 Concept Art

This is of course not a remake of Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit, but rather an interpretation into Marvel’s notorious catsuit-clad female super heroines. The iconic red and gold (which is not a yellow metallic, but a cream metallic; nothing says fake, tacky gold like yellow) is accented by dark silver, complete in body contouring style-lines with neck and shoulder cutouts for feminine touch. This is a continuance of my Marvel Madness streak started by this post about My New Thor 2 Concept Art.

"Iron Man"-styled catsuit-clad female heroine

(Click image for more of my work)

Again this completely hand-drawn, -coloured (pencil crayons), and -penned. For a deeper red, when a crimson won’t do, shade with a violet or blueberry purple. For Caucasian skin tone, start with a light peach, followed by an arizona topaz, a chestnut (not a regular brown, b/c you want a natural tan undertone). Smooth and blend it all with a white and shade with a grey. If you want tips, tricks or tutorials on illustration to final presentation as it’s done in the picture, feel free to leave your requests in the comments. Thank you!

4 thoughts on “My New Iron Man 3 Concept Art

    1. Awe, thank you. Are you interested in drawing general or drawing fashion designs using croquis? As for the designs, everyone develops there own style, mine is very dramatic and futuristic, or so I have been told. Let me know if you have any questions, I’d love to help.

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