Here Goes Nothing

Having lagged in my creative writing as of late, I’m opting to give my blog a makeover. So here’s a test run at blogging my interests, all I find for inspiration or checking out on the web by a weeks basis. I’ll start the post tomorrow and add something everyday for a week compilation (if it turns out I’ll turn it into daily entries).

Here’s the ‘sneak peek’:

I’ve only seen a couple of video bloggers (ie vloggers) and I really liked this video he did. Finally, no outright profanity. That is to say that Jenna Marbles has some good videos, like what she learned from Disney movies and stupid people at the airport, but I really don’t want to hear f**k between every word, really!

Statement from Hawaii Five-0 on Veteran mishap (Video + Article)

For those of you who need the 4-1-1- sometime withing the last week or so, a friend posted to facebook an article of a one-sided story about how tv show Hawaii Five-0 was shooting a scene the same day WWII Pearl Harbour veterans were having a ceremony at the Punchbowl. Blah blah, woof woof, a ticked off guy fumed and an social media sensation started a ‘Hawaii Five-NO!’ campaign my military servicemen and veterans to boycott the show over the ONE-SIDED STORY. Hopefully the show won’t suffer too much damage, cuz they are doing some great stuff and showcasing aspects of the military in the show. It’s sad that people can’t take all the evidence before reaching a verdict and I have half a mind to wonder if the person who got ticked off that day doesn’t feel some sort of power rush over how much they influenced the show’s viewers.

Now here’s the blurp from Hawaii Five-0 Online

The OfficialJasonOmara youtube channel brings you the behind the scenes and impromptu interviews with cast and crew on the new sci-fi hit series Terra Nova. I’m a big fan of ancient/primitive elements and futuristic/sci-fi, most especially when combined. All good reason why I immediately fell in love with the show and I’ve been staying tuned to Jason’s video uploads. I posted a comment recently, asking about whether fans could visit the set on a tour. I have family in Australia so I would love to take a detour to see it, so cool!

My stylebook with all my favorited fashion finds

They have the largest online shopping network I have ever seen with millions upon millions of fashion items for men, women, children, babies, beauty, home, etc. Although I don’t purchase anything, I do take advantage of it’s free service to save all the inspirational fashions I find to peruse later. Also take a peak at the looks on the bottom of the main page and see what other people are throwing together, might find something interesting.

I highly recommend if you’re a tv junkie like me, not only can I find all my shows but I can login with Facebook and I have a tv tracker to watch all the episodes as they air.



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