Nothing to Report

It’s been rather uneventful since I last posted, though feel like I’m neglecting to post anything of value as of late. I would like to take some time soon to rant about the complicated and yet hypocrisy of the Islamic religion. They claim to have equal rights for women compared to men and yet they don’t exist in the middle east. Forced to cover themselves because equally lustful men ‘cannot’ or rather ‘don’t bother’ to control their sexual urges. When the deed (rape, sometimes even incest) is done, the only one to blame is the female party. Typical for the male of our species not to have the balls to take responsibility for their actions.
On another note, I’m all for equality, especially religious. I am a Christian in a world where my ‘kind’ or being targeted for stereotypes as much as the next person, but slandering in the media is a testament to one-sided views of the anti-Christ spirit at work. Back to point, if you’re Islamic, practice what you preach and don’t carry the problems of your homeland (speaking of the middle east) when you come to our country. There is a reason you left in the first place, so bring an open mind and respect the laws of our land as visitors from our nations have respected the laws of your land when traveling to yours.


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