Losing Momentum . . .

Since my previous post I have finished a second fashion illustration, it’s fabulously dramatic and I’m loving it!  Then my best friend dropped the bomb she was coming down for the weekend and my house is a mess. So I have been cleaning my room and the bathroom since and it’s consumed almost all my spare time. I did have the opportunity to go to Value Village’s 50% off sale this past Monday and came home with a large bag of great fashion finds and the perfect shelving unit to go into a corner of my room. Right now I’m about 80% done and I can see most of the floor again *chuckle*.

As far as job hunting is going, I’ve only received one response to my postings on LinkedIn from a company in India doing embroidery. I would love to take advantage of the opportunity for work, but the back of my mind is screaming “Get a background check!” Google turned up little else other than Alibaba.com verified their existence and legitimacy themselves or through a third party and they make up to $2.5 million a year with a staff of up to 50. Interesting, but still hesitant. I’m going to consult my all-knowing mother before I proceed, and if I do, it will be ever so cautiously. I’m hoping they don’t expect me to move out there, because that is so not happening at the moment. I’m on my second shift of customer service training at work and although that’s not my ideal job, it’s steady with quite a bit of hours and it’ll give the experience I will no doubt need in the future.

In other news, my big celebrity crush and ‘Aussie God of Fertility’ Alex O’Loughlin just won the GQ Australia Man of the Year award this year and out of no where he’s brought his new girlfriend and Native Hawaiian Pro Surfer Malia Jones. I’m glad that he’s found someone and that she’s making him a very happy man . . . I should have gotten to him first! *giggle* Oh well, maybe next time, I can always admire from afar.

I’m going to be busy for a while: finish cleaning my room and bathroom, spend time with my bestie on Saturday, may have to contact a friend about job hunting through his agency, job posters and new business cards (by the way, Vista print has a deal right now, don’t know when it ends, but you get 250 business cards for free, just pay shipping/handling, they always have great deals), etc. I’m a busy, busy bee and I don’t have a lot of time, ugh!


One thought on “Losing Momentum . . .

  1. My mom just brought me home an early Christmas gift: a new pillow-top mattress, about fifteen years overdue. I’m gonna be sleeping like I’m in heaven tonight!!! I love my mommy.

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