On a Roll . . .

I’ve been on a role recently coming up with killer fashion illustrations. So stay tuned for the upload to my behance network portfolio. An interesting thing I learned is that when you publish your projects for free with them, they are copyright protected under Creative Commons for you, with no paperwork or hassle; You can even choose the kind of copyright you want and change it later. They also have job postings and a million other artists like myself showcasing their work. The site also allows you to show your Behance portfolio on your LinkedIn profile, (the link is to see mine for an example). Their creative categories are limitless, so get your stuff out there and protected! (I’ve copied a few of my blog posts, they have a category for writing, journalism, etc. not just the creative, visual arts.)

Another tidbit I picked up recently is through LinkedIn you can sign on and create your very own infographic resume. First, if you have not a LinkedIn profile, that’s simple, sign up is free and you can pretty much create your entire profile from a digital copy of your resume. Load your resume to turn it into a LinkeIn profile; then go to vizualize.me and login with your LinkedIn profile, presto you have two new profile with a couple clicks of a button.

That all being said and my job to bestow knowledge on the world is almost complete: job searching may be tough, especially if you’re interested in say . . . fashion and costume illustration for the entertainment industry (film, television, games, etc). I recently posted on ConceptArt.org forums about being available for hire, we’ll see where that goes, I could do better if I knew where else I could post that would generate any hits, oy!

Personal stuff, beside graduating two weeks ago, yes, I am very proud of myself: I missed out on a trip to see my best friend in London due to stomach ache, ugh! However she is coming down in a week or so, so I’ll be able to make it up to her in a shopping spree, yaya! I’m addicted to Tim Tams with my coffee and hot cocoa; It’s a rectangular cookie, you nibble off both ends and use it as a straw to drink your piping hot beverage and throw it back in your mouth just as it’s melting from the heat, delicious! Although I would like to be working a career-related job, I am financially stable at the moment and the end of the month will start the student loan repayments, yes, I’m a ‘big girl’ now (yes, despite still living at home with mommy, lol).

As for my career, I feel misguided. I know what I want to end up doing, I’m just struggling to figure out what kind of job I should or rather could be looking for that would be on the right path. I’ve dabbled in so many things over the past years that I feel like a yo-yo flipping all over the map. One minute I’m trying to arrange to do portfolio websites for students, next I’m looking for jobs at Cirque De Soleil sewing costumes or thinking about a job doing concept art in Iceland for the developers of the game Eve. I know I have to do some research, but it’s not like there are sites or articles out that just about career paths so you know what steps to take, which leaves me flying blind.


One thought on “On a Roll . . .

  1. For an infographic resume you should try re.vu (http://re.vu). We let you import your LinkedIn profile to kick-off your visual resume by creating an interactive timeline. We then provide you with a bunch of different charts and graphs that you can use to describe your abilities and experience. Also, we give you an analytics dashboard so you can see how much traffic your re.vu page is generating. And lastly, which is probably of most interest to you, we have a section where you can upload examples of your work. Give us a try and let us know what you think!

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