Ceremony of Adulthood

Nothing says you’re grown up than a big fat certificate or diploma that says you’re graduating college. Today is my lucky day, it marks the beginning of my potential and the realization of dreams to unfold into reality. I have invited my mother, her boyfriend, my grandmother and my best friend as my guests to share this special moment. Life won’t be the same after this and I hope it empowers me to take a firmer grip on my future that has slipped me by this past summer.

I’m hoping to get posters put up for work for students within the college, with any luck I’ll be busy for the next while. There is a lot of potential in having a business catered to helping students stand out of the crowd in the eyes of employers. The economic state of recession that hit my first year and has created difficulty finding co-operative education placements these past years were difficult enough, not to mention the limited positions available for hiring. A subject I’ve already discussed in Job Hunting Dilemma. If I feel intimidated and slightly unprepared, then I’m sure other students do as well, which is the perfect opportunity to help. If I team up with the Career Services center at Fanshawe and do my research, I feel confident it can be a success and more opportunities can open, God willing.

I will leave all that business to Friday, today it solely on enjoying my passionate success in pursuing my dreams and sharing this moment with those who supported me.


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