Occupy Canada – Message vs. Action

I am ashamed to say that I did not hear about Occupy Wall Street until the movement started moving up north to Canada and the newspaper headlines were filled with passionate protestors in nearby cities. In an attempt to educate myself on the issues at hand, with which I most ardently support, I have created this post with all the articles I have found informative on the subject.

The most promising articles, not reporting actual events but rather the greater, overall message of Occupy Canada:

Occupy Canada – A timeline and what’s happening

~Stortify Beta, Some key events leading up to the Occupy Canada protests occurring in Toronto and other cities across the country, and where to find the events. Includes the  twitter handles for major cities where rallies are being held.

‘Occupy Canada’ protest plans take shape

~ CBC News, Toronto protest details murky amid online debates over transparency in the media and law enforcement. Therein it explores the concern over rallies in Toronto and Vancouver after previous riots, the former is explored as a survey demands police restraint in Toronto against peaceful protestors after a series of police brutality.

Occupy Canada protesters have less than US to complain about – for now

~ GlobalToronto, This article explores the difference between American and Canadian economic and social standards that are in need of change: “Canadians benefit from a progressive tax structure and a number of social programs not available to Americans, universal health care being the most glaring example, said Ian Lee, a business professor at Carleton University in Ottawa . . .

Your Tax Dollar

~ Department of Finance Canada, Curious to see how your Canadian dollar is being spent withing the government of Canada? See the stats and figures that show how your dollar is being spent.

Fifteen measures Occupy Canada protestors should adopt: non-profit

~Hook (Political News, Freshly Caught): “In a press release published this morning, Democracy Watch put forward 15 policy proposals that the group hopes the “Occupy Canada” protesters will support and adopt.”

Occupy Canada protesters should support 15 key bank and corporate responsibility changes endorsed by 140 citizen groups across Canada for the past decade

~DemocraticWatch, Key Corporate and Back Responsibility Measures that would resolve the issues of OccupyCanada if adopted.

The measures focus include the creation of civilian watchdog agencies to oversee corporate activity in each economic sector, increased financial and legal penalties for corporate illegality, expanded protection for whistleblower employees, and a requirement that corporations must legally represent not only the interests of shareholders, but also those of their employees, customers, and society and the environment at large.” (Hook)


Occupy Canada Kicks Off In A Big Way!

W?SB! – David Suzuki Interviewed at Occupy Montreal

A moment of Self Reflection:

I live in a small town where our prime example of greed is depicted in the recently renovated Capitol theatre where 25 years and millions of dollars of government grants have been sunk to equal a building only worth less than have a million. I have many times been heated over a subject for debate where rights of the people have been ignored and abused, as have we all. How many times have we sat down for dinner, a casual cup of coffee or bumped into a stranger and enjoyed a passionate conversation over the wrongs of the world. But have we done anything about it? Have we done more than crank out a series of complaints hoping that simply words thrown into the void will resolve an issue that has slowly plagued many of us seemingly into submission?

If you have any good links to articles, videos or simply want to voice a comment, please feel free to do so below.


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