Let’s kill Mr Darcy

It would be interesting to get a man’s perspective on the peer pressures, not only to “battle the testosterone of other men” but to fit the perfect image we want them to be. In return, we would need to figure out what things we’ve demanded that are impossible of men, what is possible or impossible and what is reasonable to ask of men without sacrificing our standards, dignity and self-respect/integrity.

via Let’s kill Mr Darcy.


2 thoughts on “Let’s kill Mr Darcy

  1. there are no perfect men only perfect intentions. All human beings are subject to failure in the pursuit of perfection. The only thing we are capable of is trying to be the best person we are capable of being.Perfection is a pipe dream the only perfect person was Jesus and even he had his moments of doubt .So instead of looking for perfection look instead to the essence of the man .If he is worth anything you will know . Listen to your heart it will not lie to you if you are honest with yourself.

    1. Very true, I hope my heart will guide my future towards happiness. Lord knows how I fear of never finding the right man to spend my life with, then again, God has one person for each of us . . . Now to find the poor shmuck! lol, thank you for the advice, Philip

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