For Love of A Story . . .

How many times has an episode of your favorite television show or new movie blown you away? Did it make you wonder what could be coming next? Did you ponder the infinite possibilities of how things could have gone differently or what secrets may still be hidden? Know that you are not alone. In fact it’s perfectly natural and it’s also exactly what they want: a reaction. Nothing is more successful for a writer than someone who read it, watch it or heard it and reacted, whether it was good, bad or just a twitch of the eye.

I often find myself inspired to be creative as I keep track and watch numerous television show, which you can peruse here: Fave TV Shows. Though I keep up with films more infrequently, they won’t compare to a good story that continues with every episode and every season.

Herein are a few of my inspirations as my favorite shows have progressed and I intend on  updating this post as I continue to be inspired (I will attempt to date new additions accordingly):

HAWAII FIVE-0 (October 16th, 2011)

Background Info: Joe White and Jack McGarrett served together in the U.S. Navy to which Jack was discharged and became a cop and Commander White is still currently in service, recently transferred to the Reserve on Hawaii to train Navy Seals while helping Jack’s son, Steve McGarrett, after his untimely end. Not only was Joe considered family to Steven by association through his father, but Commander White was also Steve’s commanding officer who trained him as a Navy Seal. / Currently Kono Kalakaua has been discharged from the force and hanging out with other ex-cops, including one Frank Delano (played by William Baldwin).

Inspiration: What if Joe White has a daughter, for name’s sake let’s call her Gabbi, who is very much like a sister to Steve who missed his own sister had not seen since their father sent them away shortly after their mother’s funeral. Details of her childhood have remained a close secret to her, even from her adoptive father Joe, with whom she is very close.  Details like Steve and Gabbi share the same mother, who was raped by Detective Frank Delano (while he was still on the force). He was Detective Jack McGarrett’s partner and after a long-time investigation gets sticky, Frank takes to drinking and his vision of right and wrong get blurred. Though I had not determined the reason for his raping his partner’s wife, he did so in the back alley of a bar, where she manages to grab a crude weapon has he is having his way with her and strikes a blow.

Weeks later, Mrs. McGarrett finds out she is pregnant and believes Frank to be the father. Before she can make a decision about having an abortion, her husband Jack notices her symptoms and realizes that she is with child. Excited about having yet another child, she is unable to tell him the truth of that horrid night. She makes arrangements with an adoption agency to take the child and has a doctor fake the child’s untimely death.

Gabbi grows up in the foster care system; surprisingly bright for such a youngster, she uses her intuitive skills to find her birth mother by running away, getting picked up my child services and breaking into the files. She confronts her mother who is overwhelmed with emotions of grief, pain, and regret that she refuses to talk to her biological daughter any longer. Her husband Jack returns from work to find Gabbi crying on the front porch and when he brings her in, his wife has a fit. A long hard talk reveals the details of Gabbi’s origins, leaving Jack to cope with the child that represents both the violation of his wife and the betrayal of his partner.

He brings Gabbi to child services and deals with his partner, who is dishonourably discharged from the force. Gabbi’s foster father, a belligerent drunk/drug addict, doesn’t take well to his government check running out on him and begins the abuse. Once such rampage was interrupted when Jack came by the house to check on Gabbi to find her foster father [<insert violent abuse here> ie: running over her legs with a truck]. Jack confronts the man and takes Gabbi away to safety. Having confided in his longtime seal buddy, Joe makes a visit to provide moral support during this difficult situation, opting to adopt Gabbi and provide her a good, loving home with him.

Years later, when Gabbi makes a surprise visit to Joe and Steve at the , she is here for personal reasons to which she does not reveal, though Joe has an inclining as to his daughter’s motives. Through investigation and surveillance, Gabbi finds Frank Delano, the man who raped and impregnated her mother. Before she can act, she confides in Joe who counsels her to get a paternity test to reveal the truth of her parentage.

Cliffhanger: the test reveals that Frank Delano is NOT her father . . .

Revelation and Questions: Her true biological father is Jack McGarrett and she must now come to terms with the horrid childhood she had to suffer because of the mistake of her parentage on her mother’s part. Would she had preferred to have lived as another McGarrett sibling who was sent away to live separate lives after their mother was killed? Or does she find solace in the fact that Joe provide the family she would ever need? How will her will her full-blooded siblings feel and deal with having a sister they never knew that had?

TERRA NOVA (October 16th, 2011)

Background Details: The requirements to travel back in time 85 million years through the portal to be apart of the Terra Nova project to build humanity from scratch, you have to be either recruited or win the lottery. The Sixers, a suspicious band of people who came on the sixth pilgrimage who abandoned Terra Nova to build their own settlement, have unknown ulterior motives and were quite possibly send by someone from the past. After all: “who ever controls the past, controls the future” and so now there is a struggle between two forces over the power of the future of mankind, which will no doubt be reveal piece by piece during the course of the series. The Shannon family, Nathanial Taylor, Skype and Mira (Sixer) and many others to come will all play their part.

Inspiration: By [recruitment/lottery] a woman has made her way to Terra Nova after a passionately arduous battle for children’s rights in the wake of population control of the 22nd century left behind. For name’s sake she is called Anaiia, and she was a humanitarian in a world going to hell and her greatest achievement was organizing the petition to the government in the wake of the law for population control to try and seriously convict rapists in the case of pregnancy (who were verified as the father; in some cases women were tried, as men are not the only ones capable of rape, therein their children were taken and given up for adoption). Anaiia aided in the investigation into such cases as a division of population control. She also adopted the mandate to try and persecute those who recklessly had children and abandoned them to a dangerous fate because they had exceeded the maximum two children. Though she had the appearance of a hard-knocker, Anaiia secretly worked as an identity farmer for those who wanted to have or keep their 3 or so child. In some cases she was able to keep the family together, in other cases she had to make arrangements to have the child adopted by a good home. One incident, Anaiia had a dying man admit that the child in question was his grandchild and handed paternity rights to the original parents. When an agent found her out about her identity farming, he negotiated that he would keep her ‘practice’ safe from scrutiny in favour for ‘growing’ identities for operatives in the future. A daunting task, that nevertheless had her transferred to a private government facility to give birth and manage the entire lives of as-of-yet non-existent people to be handed over for covert use in years to come.

One such alias was black-listed after it turned out that it was taken by a double-agent for the enemy who then went into hiding. After her program was taken over and/or shut down, she did not forget the one traitorous man who took one of her aliases, never to be heard from again . . .

. . . Low an behold, Anaiia is now an aged woman of her late fifties who works in Terra Nova as a Mid-wife and caring physician to the Maternity and Nursery wards. When she greets the new arrivals of the Eleventh pilgrimage to check on the children, she recognizes the double-agent. Through her relationship with Dr. Elisabeth Shannon, chief medical physician, and therein her husband Jim Shannon, Terra Nova’s ‘town sheriff’, she reveals the details of her past that will lead his investigation into the double agent and his purpose in gaining the Sixers another man on the inside of the compound.

COMPLICATION: What do you think will happen if, Jim tries to confront Commander Nathaniel Taylor about the double agent only to find out they have been assigned to his security team?!

REVELATION: Keys to understanding the Sixers’ plan rest with the Anaiia and her elusive past. Was the agent who recruited her for identity farming for covert affairs apart of this plot? What were the details of the double-agent’s treachery? What jeopardy would the revelation of the truth in be in if Anaiia started losing her memory, either by an severe accident or by hereditary Alzheimer?


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