Job Hunting Dilemma

Since finishing my classes at the end of May I have been searching high and low for fashion/costume/illustration related jobs. Here’s the dilemma, four things are limiting the entry-level positions available for aspiring creative designers to start in the industry:

  1. Freelance or Internships without pay in large cities where the cost of living is your arm, your leg and your first born child!
  2. Retail, Retail, Retail. I understand that one should start in this position to understand the customer before they move up the ladder to a position that will influence the products those customers will be purchasing in the future. That does NOT mean I will work in a store that barely gets any customers in the first place for commission work which will only create friction and frustration with co-workers.
  3. “Senior”, “Director”, “Manager” and/or “Executive” are in the job position titles, making it abundantly clear those with leadership qualifications and experience need apply. Dare I ask if dealing with dozens of children at a Summer Bible Camp count as being able to deal with difficult people?! (lol)
  4. X amount of years of experience required. I will be graduating with a Diploma in a month or so and my college experience has taught me above and beyond what any retail position will ever teach you in a decade. The confusing matter is whether I should fudge the truth and count some of those years as experience so I can feel confident to apply for those positions or respectfully understand it is in fact only education and limit the pool of possibilities. Frustrating!

I’ve recently come across more potential job postings, but one has to search high and low for any. There are several very well known and established job posting websites one can browse: LinkedIn, your government’s federal, provincial or municipal website, Workopolis, Monster, etc. That does NOT mean however that whomever has available jobs will post them on those public job sites. More often than not, the company in question will post it on their personal website under jobs or careers. Therein lies the problem: how does one know what to look for or ‘google’ in order to find these companies to search their sites for jobs.

My mother just walked in and made some phenomenal suggestions: Since Halloween and Christmas is coming, what about window painting? Or painting murals on brick outdoors for certain clubs, restaurants, etc.

When it boils down, it’s almost like you have to start your own business to make anything of yourself and your own talents, which would count towards experience with the jobs under #4. Another difficulty with that is knowing what is in demand in the area despite the present economic state. A problem that has always frustrated me, but perhaps can be resolved with networking and conversations with friends, family and friendly strangers.

I can only pray that God will guide and help me achieve the future he has planned for me.


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