Alex O’Loughlin & Scott Caan Birthday Gifts – 2011 – Entry Page

Hello fellow Alex O’Loughlin and Scott Caan fans, two very special birthdays are coming up this August 24th, 2011. I’m going to be creating a list of all the gifts and birthday wishes from all his fans, so Alex and Scott can see how much they are loved and supported.

Some are naming a star in  their name with the National Star Registry, others are donating to a charity like Donate Life in Alex’s name, while some are honouring Alex by becoming organ donors. If you simply want to leave a birthday wishes or a short message for them, that’s good too.

Please leave a comment below with your birthday gift or message, who it is for (Alex, Scott or both) and how you would like your name to appear. Some fans are also putting in their location, that works too. For example:

Alex/Scott – “Happy Birthday! Love the great work you’re doing, keep it up! Lots of Love” Mandi, Canada

Please keep your entries no longer than 4 lines and be aware I will be changing the format so that every entry is a paragraph to make it organized and legible, but I’m NOT changing the message.  Since they’re both getting their own individual lists, this may mean taking out the each other’s name if message is addressed to both Alex and Scott, but that does not require separate entries for an identical message. If you put an entry for the list on other than this page, which is specifically for entries, it will be added, but it will not be approved for viewing.

I’m constantly updating the lists as new entries/comments, Facebook and Twitter messages as they come in, so feel free to check it out:

August 23rd:

Scott Caan Birthday Gifts – 2011 (Finalized)

August 24th:

Alex O’Loughlin Birthday Gifts – 2011 (Finalized)

Thank You


There was no response from our intermediary to forward this list to the birthday boys. As of September 25th, 2011 at 4:30pm, the Birthday Lists have been mailed by Purolator Express to both Alex O’Loughlin and Scott Caan’s fanmail address. Thank You for participating.


106 thoughts on “Alex O’Loughlin & Scott Caan Birthday Gifts – 2011 – Entry Page

  1. Happy birthday to Alex:) thank you for Three Rivers and due to the inspiration from the show I will become an organ donor on August 24th. Hope you have a fabulous day:)

  2. Happy birthday Alex & Scott

    Enjoying the new H50 very much. The original H50 would be very proud. Joined the Organ Donor Program in Ontario. Have a great day!
    Lots of love
    Ontario, Canada

  3. Happy birthday Alex/Scott. Love the work you are both doing on H50. Have an amazing day. Lots of love..
    New York, New York

  4. Happy Birthday Alex O’Loughlin & Scott Caan!

    Because today’s so special
    it really wouldn’t do,
    to send one simple birthday wish
    to last the whole year through…
    So this wishes happy moments,
    a day when dreams come true,
    and a year that’s filled with all the things
    that mean the most to you.

    Hope all that you do
    Turns out happy for you
    And all that you wish
    Comes your way,
    So each hour will bring
    Every wonderful thing
    You could ask of a wonderful day

    May your birthday bring
    You as much happiness
    As you give to everyone!

    All my love,

  5. Happy Bday for Alex and Scott!
    Alex,i hope you know how loved you are and the work you do only makes people love you more!
    For me you are very special and hope this message gets to you!
    Keep doing what your heart tells you its a good thing to do and people will love the real you!

    With great respect,

  6. Scott and Alex

    Happy birthday to both you guys. Hope you get to enjoy it with your families and friends.


    Donna xx

  7. Happy Birthday Alex! Love the work you are doing on H50, and all your other works you have done. You are amazing!! Have a wonderful day. Lots of love.

  8. Happy birthday Alex and Scott. I, too, have an August birthday — the 18th. As it is time to renew my driver’s license, I will be checking the box to become an organ donor. See you all in September 🙂

    Lots of love from Nashville, TN . . . Dotti

  9. happy birthday to Alex and Scott, Thanks for to make me more happy at every season. ; )

    H50 is a huge hit here in Holland. Keep up the good work.
    Big hug and kisses from the other side of the world!

    P.S.; Big hug for Dot aswell!

  11. Happy Birthday Scott & Alex!

    Hope you have a wonderful birthday and all your wishes come true.

    May flowers always line your path and sunshine light your day. May songbirds serenade you every step along the way. May a rainbow run beside you in a sky that’s always blue. And may happiness fill your heart each day your whole life through. ~ Irish Blessing ~

    Love Always,
    Antioch, California

  12. Hello Alex/Scott

    Just wanted to wish you guys a happy birthday. Time really flies enjoy all the good things happening to you

    Ottawa, Ontario

  13. Alex & Scott

    Sending you both Love, Hugs & Kisses on your Birthday.

    My kids and I love watching you both on Hawaii 50, you are both brilliant actors, keep up the great work, we can’t wait for Season 2. We are hoping to get to Hawaii one day so we can get to see you both in the flesh……..a dream come true.

    Happy Birthday Boys

    Lots of Love from Julie, your No.1 UK fan x x x

  14. Happy Birthday to Scott and to Alex!
    May God bless You!
    Liebi Grüess us de Schwiiz! (Greetings from Switzerland)


    Salome from Switzerland 🙂

  15. I am very happy to see that you (Alex O’Loughlin) are a very very loved guy,in my country you are not so known but this is something i’m working on!
    Because your birthday is comming soon,i wish you the trad “Happy Birthday” and i’m sure it will be!
    I’m sure that everybody is wishing you all the best but that is all because you are indescribable respected!
    I am not sure that this message reach you but it certainly is something that i wish very much!

    With so much respect,

  16. Aloha Scott and Alex,
    I wanna wish you a Happy Birthday to you both.
    Let me take a chance to congratulate all the cast, writer and the rest of the team for the good job you’ve doing. Waiting for season 2.
    With love,

  17. Happy Birthday Alex! For your birthday I made a donation to the Donate Life of America, hope you have a great birthday and many, many more to come!

  18. Happy Birthday Alex! Wishing you the best on your birthday and always. You are a talented actor and we can’t wait for H50 season 2! Also, thank you for the work you do with Donate Life. I have been on the organ donor list for some time, but it became more personal when a friend of mine became a heart transplant recipient a couple year ago. Have a great day!
    Deb Campbell

  19. HAPPY 35th BIRTHDAY SCOTT! Wishing you all the best! You are such a talented actor! I love how you are so involved with autistic children. Keep up the wonderful work on the show, you are the best!!!!

  20. Happy Birthday Scott! You are my favorite on the show! Hugs and kisses. A kiss for Dot too!

    Also, Happy Birthday to Alex too!


  21. Happy Birthday SCOTT! You are truly the best! May your 35th year be a wonderful year for you. Wishing you nothing but joy, happiness and love! Keep up the good work. As long as you are are on the show, I’ll keep watching!

  22. Happy Birthday Alex and Scott!
    Hope you have an awesome day and can enjoy it with your family and friends. I wish you all the best!

    Hugs and kisses
    Anja from Germany

  23. Happy Birthday Scott and Alex! I adore the work you both do and I wish you both the very best on each of your special days! 🙂 Lots of love from Sarah, Aberdeen, Scotland xoxoxo

  24. Happy birthday Alex and Scotty! Hope your birthday blossoms into lots of dreams come true! I love you both!


  25. Happy Birthday Scott & Alex ..

    The amount of love and respect I have for both of you is not normal!! But don’t worry, stalking will never be the next point on my agenda!! I wish you both a Happy birthday and I hope you guys get to spend the day with people you love.

    PS: Scott, when you did the Open Film Chat, you thought I was a guy when you answered my questions, I’m not. Banana is just the translation of my name from Arabic to English .. I got your photography book a few weeks ago and loved every picture in it.

    PSS: Alex, after reading you’re Men’s Fitness article .. I really considered cutting out on my soda addiction .. but seriously, I just want to say how much I admire you for the healthy lifestyle you have going on for you.

    Banana, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

  26. Happy birthday, Alex & Scott! Hope you two guys get to enjoy it with your families, friends and loved ones.
    Love your work – Alex, you are such an amazing actor and lovely person with so much joy of living. Scott, you are not only a great actor but also a very creative photographer!
    We love you both just the way you are!
    Uschi, Austria

  27. May your mood happy
    and your day bright
    At this special day
    From morning till night
    Hope your birthday gives you
    all the happiness and joy
    and may all your dreams for
    this whole year really comes true.

  28. For talented, beautiful and amazing Scott & Alex,

    You guys are inspirational. Thank you for your works that always give us great smile. May the day bring to you all the greatest gifts and joys of life. I wish you both the best. Happy birthday!

    Pafan, Thailand.

  29. Alex,

    Doing a wonderful job with making SM your own. I was a big fan of the first show but love what you are doing with the character and the show. Having alot more fun watching.

    Have a wonderful birthday with many more.


  30. Alex and Scott, you both rock! Keep up the good work. Hope H-50 lasts a long time and you can both share your birthdays together for a very long time!

    Hugs and kisses!

    Cookie, New Orleans, LA

  31. Happy B’day Alex from the land of Oz. Wish I could personally deliver this birthday wish. Enjoy your day with a surf or two. Can’t wait until season 2, it will be as awesome as season 1, congratulations!

    big hugs and kisses
    South Australia

  32. Alex – Wishing you a hard rockin’ birthday and hopefully you’ll get to play guitar onstage, surf, hike, ride your bike….just have fun YOUR way! Love H5-0 and I’m so happy for your massive success, you’ve worked hard and so deserve it. Sending you love from Cleveland, Ohio, Mahalo….Julia R.

  33. Aloha Scott – I didn’t know you shared your b-day with co-star Alex, that’s awesome! Heard you’re a great surfer, so maybe you can show Alex some moves on the board :-)… Have a great time on your b-day, keep up the great work on H5-0, and enjoy! Julia-Cleveland,OH

  34. Happy Birthday Alex! In your honor I donated to The Beauty Book For Brain Cancer in Sydney. I hope your birthday this year is wonderful! I love you very much, xox Ronnette in North Carolina

  35. Happy Birthday dearest Alex!! I know you love animals. So do I. I made a donation to a very good cause, People for the Ethical Treatment of Pit Bulls, in your honor. I hope you have a joyous, blessed birthday! Love ya so very much!!! Kristy, from Buffalo, NY xoxo…….

  36. Happy Birthday Scott! You’re my favorite actor and you absolutely steal the show. Keep up the good work. You and Dot are so sweet together. Made a donation to the Humane Society in both of your names. Hugs and kisses!!!


  37. Alex I wish you the best for your birthday. I hope you get to spend time with loved ones doing the things you like to do best. Thanks for all of your hard working on Moonlight. I hope your Clooney train remains successful! Love, Karla from Michigan

  38. Happy Birthday Scott ! Hope this day you will surf on a wave of wonderful surprises!
    Thank you for bringing us so many emotions to each of your performances I
    With all my admiration
    Michele (France)

  39. Hi Scott and Alex,
    Just wanted to drop you a line from England to wish you both a very Happy Birthday. My sister, her husband and I all love the 5O. Can’t wait for season 2 to kick off soon!
    All the best,
    Helen xoxo

  40. Dear Alex
    May this birthday be your best birthday ever,
    full of light and laughter,
    a fireworks explosion of joy.
    May this birthday live in your memory forever,
    creating happiness and satisfaction
    whenever you remember it.

    Hau`oli la hanau Alex!

  41. Hau`oli la hanau Scott

    A birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun. Enjoy the trip.

  42. I’m wishing you here the happiest of birthdays, Alex!! Thank you for the entertainment you provide for us. I’ve loved all the work you’ve done, and I’m loving H5-0. I hope you have a great, special day and many, many more years of joy and pleasurable work both for you and us (Claudia, from Colombia).

  43. Happy Birthday Alex & Scott
    Hope you have wonderful days; sending lots of love and hoping all your dreams and wishes come true
    Alex. I have made a donation in your Honour to the Navy SEALS Foundation; SEAL Team 6
    Scott, I have made a donation in your Honour to the Surfers Healing Foundation
    ((((HUGS)))) XXXOOO
    Zoe McGarrett

  44. Happy Birthday Scott and Alex !!! Hope you both have the day off to do something special for your birthdays! Love you guys. Keep up the good work. Good luck with the upcoming season. I have a feeling it will be awesome!

  45. Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday Dear Alex
    Happy Birthday to you
    and have a great and special one too
    Kelly Ann Scovell(Green Bay,WI)

  46. Happy Birthday to my favourite men! Imagine August 24th must be a very special day to have two such characters arriving on it! Keep up the great work. I’m still hoping for a Moonlight movie Mick St John!! Impunity from Newfoundland

  47. Congratulations on your birthday, you will enjoy this day and you spend it super well, congratulations on the good work you do, the whole team in the series. He said “FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS” Kisses Susana Madrid (Spain)

  48. Happy Birthday Alex and Scott!
    I wish you a wonderful day fill with surprises and fun. Awesome job from everyone on Hawaii Five-0, my new favorite series!
    Evelyne XX
    Montreal, Canada

  49. Happy Birthday Scott,
    Wishing you a great year to come. Hopefully, I will have your birthday present done by Christmas.
    Best Regards, Love Carrie (LaSalle, Ontario)


    Thank you both so much for entertaining us all on Five-0 and your various other projects. You have made our lives much happier 😀

    …and most importantly (for me), you helped me realise that acting is the career I really do want.

    Thank you!

    I hope you both have wonderful days! 🙂

  51. Happy Birthday, Alex!

    I hope you have a magnificent birthday and I wish all the best for you, always. Thank you for inspiring us to fight for all the good causes. In honor of your B’day I made a donation for AdoPet Community than helps abandoned animals and for the organ transplant center at Dom Vicente Scherer Hospital in my city. Enjoy your special day and I hope that all your dreams and wishes come true.

    Lots of love,
    Cristina, Porto Alegre – Brazil

  52. Happy Birthday, Scott!

    I wish all the best for you and that all your dreams and wishes come true. Have a fantastic B’day!
    You are awesome!!

    A “HUGE” hug,
    Cristina,, Porto Alegre – Brazil

  53. ♥ ♥ Happy Birthday to you Scott, may this year bring all the happiness and love you desire. Have a truly wonderful day!! 😀 Arohatinonui, Caroline in New Zealand ♥ ♥

  54. Happy Birthday to Alex. We’ve followed your career since The Shield. Well, the kids didn’t watch that one, but they’ve enjoyed the other series. We are so pleased we get to see you continue to develop the character of McG. He is terrific!
    Annie, Will, Jay, and Carrie

  55. Happy Birthday Alex! On such a special day a delicious chocolate cake is allowed!!! Thanks for the good times and the smiles that you bring to me and my family, and for being such a great role model. After following your career I’ve changed to a much healthier diet, and working out more. You’re such a great inspiration! Keep up with the wonderful work, and always keep your humble heart. XOXOXO Heidi from Miami, FL.

  56. Happy Birthday to Alex and Scott! Thank you for all the joy and entertainment from your many projects. Appreciate all your time and hard work. In honor of Scott’s birthday, I’ve made a donation to Surfer’s Healing. To honor Alex’s birthday, a donation has been made to Donate Life America. Both are terrific causes that do great work, helping those who desperately need it. Thank you for helping others less fortunate. Have a great birthday and enjoy your day.

  57. Joyeux Anniversaire, Scott !
    You’re doing a great job on H5-0, I always have a blast watching it ! Your work as a filmmaker is truly inspirational. Have a great day !

  58. Dear Alex, Joyeux Anniversaire !
    I greatly enjoy following your career, as I always have a good time, thanks to your admirable commitment and hard work. I became an organ donor mostly thanks to you, you’re doing a great job ! I hope you have a blast today, enjoy !

  59. Happy birthday Alex and Scott. Love the show and thank you for the amazing work y’all do. Can’t wait for season 2. Aloha from Colorado.

  60. Happy Birthday Alex!!!
    I have enjoyed following your career and you have become such an inspiration to us all!!
    Thank you for all your hard work and dedication!!
    I too am an organ donor,
    Best wishes and good luck to you and H50
    Enjoy your special day!!!!
    All my Love!!!
    Jan S
    Omaha, Ne.

  61. Happy Birthday, Scott! Hope you have a fantastic day! I’m sending you lots of love from Germany and all the best for your future! XOXO, Laura

  62. Happy Birthday Alex & Scott! You’re both great actors and I admire your work.
    Please keep doing what you do. Loads of love
    Yasmeen H.


  64. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEX!!!! So glad H50 is going to have a Season 2, and hopefully many more!! Keep up the awesome work….love everything you do!! Jeannette (Plant City, FL)

  65. Happ Birthday Alex & Scott! Thankyou so much for all your hard work on Hawaii Five-0, hope your birthdays are filled with laughter and love.

  66. Happy Birthday Alex!
    I have followed your career for a long time now. You are truly inspirational – as an actor, as a person, and for your amazing involvement with Donate Life. The world is a better place with people like you in it – so thank you!
    Sending lots of love on your special day!

    Gabriella from Sydney, Australia

    P.S. Happy birthday to the amazing Scott Caan too! Hope you have a wonderful day. Love your work! xx

  67. Happy Birthday Alex! I’ve been a fan of yours for many years now, I love everything you’ve done especially The Incredible Journey of Mary Bryant and Moonlight. I hope all your wishes come true!!

    Sherry in Canada

  68. Happy Birthday, Alex. Hope you’re having a wonderful day. Can’t wait for S2 and to see my favorite actor at work. You have a rare talent that draws us in. And a sexiness that drives us wild.

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