Rude Fan Disrespects Fellow Fan as Celeb Birthday Approaches

Numerous fans were looking forward the Aussie star Alex O’Loughlin’s birthday coming up on August 24th, 2011 and each one was celebrating it in their own way. Some were purchasing him gifts like a donation to Donate to Life or Red Cross in is his name while others were sending him their best of birthday wishes. I am one such fan and I thought it would be great idea for a list to be made of all the gifts and birthday wishes to passed on to Alex so he could see the love and support he has from his fans. To my dismay, I was confronted by a fellow fan, O’LaughingPress – a Alex O’Loughlin fan blog, who were very . . . well you can see for yourself as our entire ‘conversation’ is recorded below.

O’LaughingPress blog published an article about gifting to celebrities and using Alex O’Loughlin as an example, here is the full article:

@OLaughing tweeted this message:

I just donated to Nat’l Center for Missing & Exploited Children in Alex O’Loughlin’s name for his birthday. #H50 #alexoloughlin #scottcaan

This is the conversation that followed:

@OLaughing That is such a great birthday present! Should someone compile a list so @PLenkov or @DanielDaeKim can pass it on to AOL?
@OLaughing I’m willing to make the list, did anyone else got something for #AOL for his birthday? Mahalo
@MandiLavoie I’m following you so you can DM me your intentions with this list. Thanks.
@MandiLavoie You need to follow me so we can coordinate this. It’s a team effort here. We need to DM each other about it.

You have to follow each other in order to Directly Message each other over twitter, and just so you know these were sent August 13th, 2011 at about 3 – 3:30pm. Prior to this conversation, I did not keep up with their blog, O’LaughingPress and I have never had a conversation over twitter and ‘they’ have never followed me and gotten to know me. So when ‘they’ started accusing me, I was not a happy camper.

These are the copied DMs (Direct Messages) exchanged between myself and O’Laughing Press about making a list for Alex O’Loughlin’s birthday gifts and wishes:


What do you mean by intentions? I’m just going to ask @PLenkov and others close to AOL if they will forward it to him when it’s done

When I tried to send you a DM it said I couldn’t because you weren’t following me. Twitter hiccup. I have decided to handle the list myself.

I’ve already started and I would like to use my own idea if you don’t mind, though I appreciate your support.

It was O’Laughing Press who initiated the idea this year through our blog and I think we should get the credit. We have our own ideas.

I have not kept up with your blog to know that you were the ones who came up with idea, and there’s no need for attitude

I saw people who were tweeting that they were honouring AOL’s b-day with gifts and b-day wishes, so I simply thought that a list would …

help everyone get together and collaborate.

No attitude. What’s fair is fair. We’re more known than you are and have more support. You have the right to do as you like, but don’t hate.

I’ve taken the time to check out your blog, yes you started an article on the subject and it touches a very good point, but you never…

mentioned making a list in the article. You said ‘no attitude’, but I can still see it in your DMs and I’m getting a bad impression about u

There’s no hate, but I don’t appreciate the ‘mine, mine, mine’ attitude you’re displaying. You say team effort, but are you a team player?

I can understand wanting to be given credit where credit it due, we’re both in the same boat, but there’s a nicer way to word it.

By ‘same boat’ I’m not talking about credit for listing AOL’s b-day gifts, but rather AOL or H50 news in general

I tweeted the team effort thing before you addressed it here. Had you given me the impression that you wanted to play nice instead of

immediately tweeting to Peter [Lenkov, Excutive Producer of Hawaii Five-0], I may think of you differently. It made me think you wanted all the glory. That wasn’t a good move.

Let’s not fight about it. Alex wouldn’t like it. Good luck.

I asked him before we even started DMs, don’t make assumptions or accusation.. Could you talk nicely please?

It’s not a power trip, if I supported you and sent you ppl to add to a list, I would have just asked and told him to contact you if he reply

I don’t appreciate that you’ve made the assumption from the beginning of a ‘power trip’, I’m more than capable of being supportive if you…
took over or started a list.
The lessons of this story, that even I will be taking to heart:
  1. Get to know someone and don’t jump to assumptions or accuse them until you do. Get the facts and get them straight. I know I’ve taken another person’s opinion on a subject without googling the topic or reading the original article. Nobody’s perfect.
  2. No matter how you feel, try to be aware of how you say things and be respectful of others. DO talk nicely. DON’T be rude. “Politeness will take you places” is not a bunch of mumbo jumbo, it’s the truth. Employers are looking for respective future employees, disrespect them or others and you will get fired and good manners will get you hired.
After this ‘lovely’ conversation I decided to unfollow the ‘accused’ on twitter and message those who replied to my tweets and facebook messages to converse with O’LaughingPress directly concerning being added to the ‘list’. If they want ‘credit’, they can have it. I’m not going to get myself worked up over it anymore, no one deserves mistreatment by anyone, not even a fellow fan.

One thought on “Rude Fan Disrespects Fellow Fan as Celeb Birthday Approaches

  1. After support from my fellow fans who read my post above, I’m going to do my own list. Those who want to leave a comment bellow or send me a DM over twitter with their gift for Alex O’Loughlin and how they would like their name to appear are free to do so. Thank you all for your loving support!

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