A Day Out At The Cabin

I just stayed overnight in Rondeau at the cabin my step-mom rented for three days while her daughter and three children were up visiting from Santa Barbara. We went for a swim, until the biting flies were too much, and we played hide-n’-go-seek, some card games, made some smores, and went to a program about the fishing industry in and around lake Erie and the other of the five great lakes. All in all we had a lot of fun.

I was surprised at how much my little niece would ask me, questions about what I was writing (my 6 book sci-fi opera series), telling her about the middle east and women who wore burkas, etc. I know it’s usual for children to ask questions and that’s how they learn and develop, I simply was surprised that she was the only one asking and not my two younger nephews. My step-sister also remarked that I am apparently really good with the kids: “They haven’t fought in over an hour . . .” that’s comforting *chuckle*.

At least I know that I’m good with kids, cause I’ve always wanted a family of my own, I’m just afraid that I’ll never find the right one to have one with. I’ve always figured there are some six billion people on Earth, a majority will be female, take a third of that remaining because they’re otherwise previously taken and that’s how many men are single. Then you get down into specifics like: where will you meet him? are you religious and desire a man of similar faith? What kind of standards and values that you want in a soul mate? When will you meet him, taking into consideration whether you’re going to focus on your career like I have? There are so many factors that have to be considered and there is only going to be one perfect match to your half of the puzzle. I have no romantic experience of which to speak of and I’ve been finding it hard enough to find a guy who is the kind of guy who has the things I want, and if and when I do, is it the right time? I tell myself I’m not the only person going this same struggle and keep moving forward. I say a prayer and give those worries up to God to handle, he’s already decided when I’ll meet my match . . .


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