Ignorance and Consequences

My mother and I were rehashing and discussing the a disturbing series of events that have revealed an almost complete ignorance in our fellow man. If you check out my Food for Thought post, you’ll see the government and food industry conspiracy that has started the silent genocide of generations to come. This mission to control the ever-growing population is not limited to food either, but also more recently medications, as you’ll see here in this article: “Free Birth Control Is Liberal Conspiracy To ‘Eradicate The Poor’”.

You may agree or disagree all you like, you may even consider these notions a conspiracy theory based on acts of goodwill and what have you. That does not however change the irrational behaviour that we are seeing today at all levels of education, cultures, systems of government, etc.: That instead of acknowledging we were wrong  in our decision-making and our interpretation of the ‘facts’, we chose to simply modify our systems and rules to ‘make it better / more efficient’.

Take for example the modern day North American school system. I’m speaking from personal experience in southern Ontario, Canada, but the lesson is widely used in a majority of the both Canada and the United States. Physical education and science teachers in elementary and high schools are teaching their students about sex. They cover the topics of biology, what are the male and female organs, the hormones, how a child is conceived, about STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) and all the rest of the scientific terms, as if to detach their pupils from the emotional aspect of sex. Never once do they discuss the facts about the consequences of irresponsible sex from an emotional or psychological stand-point. They may have a class on ‘Early Childhood Education’, but do they discuss the important aspects:

  • Financial responsibilities?
  • of raising a child as a responsible parent?
  •  to wait until you’ve found the person you want to spend of the rest of your life with and with whom you want to have a family? etc

If you’ve gotten lost from the beginning of this observation, stop focusing on all the different problems that have been used as examples. Take a step back and see what’s in common: We, the whole human race, are living our lives without thinking about the consequences. We do what we want, because we want to. We keep planning things far ahead into the future when it concerns finances, our dreams, world domination or what have you, but we never consider others around us that we are affecting. We are not even considering ourselves, say five years into the future, for that matter. We shoot first and ask questions later; That’s what it’s boiled down to.

Here’s the scenario from the sex education example: A young woman in high school has sex with her boyfriend . . . and she gets pregnant. Without thinking ahead, she is now burden with choices and responsibilities, as is the father of her child. How is she going to get an education while supporting her child? Or her dream job? What about her boyfriend, is he staying with her to support her or is he going to leave her with the blunt of ‘predicament’? Does she realize she can’t just do what she wants anymore, her entire life now will evolve around that child? She can’t very well leave it in the front yard all day and go back into the house to do what she will. Does she realize that she is responsible for her child’s education and morale upbringing? that is to say, to teach her child right from wrong?

There are endless questions to be asked about what she will do after she finds out she’s pregnant. She’s also a slave to the education that she was given, the same education her parents were given. Her parents may or may not have taught her right from wrong, but she still gave into her own desires: to have sex. This may be speaking harshly on youth that we’ve stereotyped as hormone-crazed teens whose reasoning skills are lacking, but are they not being educated at this time? If they’re displaying such erratic behaviour, why aren’t we pulling them from school during their teen years and locking them in their own cozy cells to wait it out?

They’re being taught during this critical stage in their lives only about the abstract knowledge on an important subject. Then they will have children at different stages in their lives there after, and they may or may not teach their children the mistakes they may have learned. An evil cycle ensues, and soon enough there will only be a handful of people that will be truly responsible for their future, who will think BEFORE they act BECAUSE they have thought of almost every single consequence. If they haven’t thought of all of them, perhaps they took the initiative to do the research.

In conclusion, think before you act. That does not involve thinking about yourself and what you want. It means think about what could go wrong and who may your actions affect in a worse case scenario? Remember, humans are a co-dependent species no matter how many times you tell yourself you’re ‘independent’. Your actions will affect others, and both your futures!

Thank you for reading . . . any thoughts?


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