I’ve been diagnosed with Malasma

I found out Tuesday, July 19th, 2011 during my doctor’s appointment, that I’ve inherited a skin discolouration from my mother called ‘Malasma’; they are brown spots on the forehead, upper lip in the ‘beard’ area, down the middle of the chest, especially under the belly button, and around the nipples.

It’s more common in women b/c of the estrogen hormone, but less in those on the pill. Less prominent in men, with the exception of one man who was taking a cholesterol medication (and possibly others on the same medications). The discolourations will become more prominent with long sun exposure (ie, tanning) or pregnancy.

The only ‘CURE’ are bleaching creams and pealing agents, because apparently laser surgery will leave scars. Lucky me . . . it’s a good thing my mom’s too cute to be mad, lol


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