Greeting . . . fellow Earthlings!

For over five years I’ve been going back to this book, or rather a book series, that I’ve wanted to write for some time now. I’ve recently finished the last of my schooling, Fashion Design at Fanshawe College, after which I returned home to take a break from the sleep deprivation, tenaciously tiring work and malnourishment to begin anew. I’ve recently read a book on writing a novel that implored the need to continuously write and practice. My notion is to start a blog journal of sorts, entries can range from short stories, philosophical questions to the Universe & God, the written brainstorming of my 6 book sci-fi opera series as a prequel to the story of Genesis (Bible), etc.

Thank you for listening . . . enjoy!


A couple of days later

I think I’ll add my love for television series and movies to my blog. Perhaps review episodes, commentaries, abstract analysis, trends, etc. Stay tuned for my review of the Hawaii Five-0 season 1 before the new season premieres, and then the new episodes as they come. Not limited to H50 (as it’s know on twitter) but all my other favorite show too. Hmm, perhaps a dedicated page is in order for today’s post.


2 thoughts on “Greeting . . . fellow Earthlings!

  1. Hi! This is your first post I take it 🙂 I’m also doing a sort of blog journal and so I look forward to see what you write about 😀

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